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Financial Aid for Study Abroad


Financial aid is defined as loans, grants and scholarships administered by the UT Office of Student Financial Services. Scholarships administered by Study Abroad or an individual department, center, college or school can be used to financially support a semester abroad but are not the focus of the information found on this page.


Most of the financial aid (loans, grants, and scholarships) that students receive at UT can be used for study abroad. Financial aid awards are recalculated based on each student's individual need and study abroad costs. The amount and type of funds is based on each student's individual eligibility amount as determined by the Office of Financial Aid (OFA). Many students receive additional aid for study abroad. Summer aid is generally in the form of loans, many of which require a co-signer.

Approximately 50% of students studying abroad through UT Austin use some type of financial aid (loans, grants or scholarships) to fund their program. In most cases, funding does not come from one source (one comprehensive scholarship), but rather from various sources (loans, partial scholarships, grants, personal savings, etc.). No single scholarship or grant exists to cover the full cost of study abroad.


All students should complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for financial aid. It is common for students who don’t qualify for financial aid to study in Austin, to receive aid for a study abroad program. Some types of aid are available regardless of need (such as unsubsidized Stafford and PLUS loans), but the student must file a FAFSA in order to receive them.


    Students seeking to use loans and grants while abroad are encouraged to pay close attention to the dates in which action must be taken and of which funds will be disbursed. Click here to view the full timeline.

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