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Peer Advisor Profiles

Trying to find a program? Wondering how to fund it? Nervous about living abroad? You're not alone!

Study Abroad Mentor Program Peer Advisors have been there and they're here for you. The StAMP Peer Advisors are University of Texas at Austin students who have studied abroad. The Peer Advisors are trained to help you become aware of the range of available opportunities abroad, think through which ones might be best for you, and get you started in the application process. Peer Advisors are available for walk-in advising in the International Office, and can also be reached via email and telephone throughout the academic year and summer.

Peer Advising Walk-in Hours (during Fall and Spring semesters)

Day of the Week Hours Last Check-in Time*
Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm (4:30pm)

*Last sign-in time is subject to change during busy advising periods.

Presentation Requests

Any requests for Peer Advisor presentations in your FIG class, residence hall socials, or organization meetings can be submitted through this presentation request form.

Peer Advisors 2016 - 2017

To contact a specific peer coordinator, email us as, and put the peer's name in the subject.

study abroad peer advisor andyANDRES "ANDY" CERECERO (Senior Peer Advisor), Government

Study Abroad Program: Sophia University, Japan (semester exchange)

International Experience: Japan, Mexico.

"I used to believe that studying abroad would be impossible for me during my time at UT. I thought it was too expensive, I thought I’d fall behind, and I thought it was too much work. But after my experience working at the study abroad office and having gone to Japan, the one place I wanted to go to the most since I was a kid, I feel now it’s my duty to meet as many students who had the same doubt as me and show them that studying abroad is a very possible reality for everyone. The memories and experiences I had the privilege of going through helped me mature as a person and professional, and I want to try and make sure that all the students I meet have the opportunity to experience the same."

BLANCA BADILLO, Spanish Literature / Latin American Studies

Study Abroad Program: Portuguese Language and Culture in Salvador, Brazil (summer I faculty-led)

International Experience: I was born in Guanajuato, Mexico and lived there until I was nine years old; I have also traveled to Puerto Rico

"I want to help the minority student, the DACA student, the first-generation student, and every student thinking “it would be amazing to study abroad but I know it’s not possible.” I was on that boat once, but I made an appointment with the Study Abroad office one afternoon and spoke to the right people, and now I get to reflect on the incredible experience I had while studying in Brazil. #SiSePuede"

CINNAMON CORNELL, Journalism and Public Relations

Study Abroad Program: Urban Economic Development in Cape Town, South Africa (maymester faculty-led)

International Experience: Cape Town South Africa, London, Canada, Shanghai China, Beijing China

"I wanted to be a peer advisor because I am a true advocate for studying abroad. I want to push students to take advantage of every opportunity the University of Texas at Austin has to offer. I want to show students they are capable of accomplishing their goals and dreams. Studying abroad is essential for UT students to truly change the world."


Study Abroad Program: London Summer Internship Program, University of Sydney (summer exchange)

International Experience: Lived in Vietnam (8 years), London (2 months), and Australia (2 months). Traveled to Scotland, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Vienna, Austria, Italy, Spain, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Guatemala.

"My study abroad experience allowed me to mature and gain a completely new perspective on life, and I want to help other students get the same amazing experience. There are endless opportunities available for study abroad. There were always reasons for me to not study abroad, but I challenge the impossibility to make it possible twice. I strive to make study abroad possible for every student."

SARA ELSA GONZALEZ, Public Relations

Study Abroad Program: ITESM Mexico City (semester exchange)

International Experience: Traveled all through Mexico and Costa Rica

"I wanted to be a peer advisor because I wanted to encourage students to study abroad and live an experience they will never forget. Studying abroad changes you in ways that you never thought were possible. You see, learn and experience a culture you never knew about."

SHIVANGI GUPTA, Plan II Honors / International Relations and Global Studies

Study Abroad Program: National University of Singapore (semester exchange); The US, the UK, and World Order, London, England (Clement’s Center maymester)

International Experience: Studied abroad in Singapore and London; Traveled abroad to Paris, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, and Switzerland; Lived abroad in India, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

"Study Abroad has been my best college memory to date. I got the chance to explore a part of the world I may never have been able to on my own and I was able to make amazing friends along the way. I got to travel and study alongside people from all over the world and now I have a network that spreads over continents. Being on my own and having to learn to solve problems without anybody's help, helped me grow as a person and I believe this is the greatest learning experience anyone could ever have. I want nothing more than to encourage others thinking about studying abroad to give it a shot. It’s worth it."


Study Abroad Program: Uppsala University, Sweden (semester exchange)

International Experience: I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to extensively travel in Europe, visiting the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, France, Denmark and Italy. Additionally I have completed multiple medical internships in Germany and participated in a Berlin-Austin exchange during high school.

"I am a huge advocate of study abroad! I hope my enthusiasm and excitement over UT’s international opportunities will be contagious, especially for students who initially may not be considering studying abroad."


Study Abroad Program: Urban Economic Development in Cape Town, South Africa (maymester faculty-led)

Why I wanted to be a peer advisor in Study Abroad: I never thought I could afford to go abroad. Until I actually left, I was strongly considering cancelling the trip. It was because of my mentors and the study abroad office that I gained the courage to get on the plane. Studying abroad was the hardest decision – and the best decision – I have ever made in my life.  I took a leap of faith and I am who I am because of my experiences traveling today. I want to help others realize that going abroad is an opportunity for them no matter what obstacles they face.  

International Experience: Drop everything and travel type – (South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Canada, and India)


Study Abroad Program: Korea University International (summer exchange)

International Experience: South Korea

"I want to let other natural science pre-meds know that they have time to study abroad without feeling restricted to research or science courses. I also want to advocate the general importance of cross-cultural experiences."


JOHN PAUL NAPLETON, International Relation & Global Studies/Public Relations

Study Abroad Program: Urban Economic Development in Cape Town, South Africa (maymester faculty-led), Language & Culture in Santander, Spain (summer faculty-led)

International Experience: I was originally born in Mexico City, Mexico and have been blessed with the opportunity to travel throughout my life. I have visited 9 different countries: Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, London, Spain, France, Italy and South Africa.

"I firmly believe that every student in college should have the experience of traveling abroad while in college, whether it’s interning, studying or volunteering. I want to be there to help students with this process and make it a possibility. I’ve always had a passion for traveling and learning about the different cultures, language and practices around the world. I want to share that with others and inform them of the endless possibilities that the University offers."


Study Abroad Program: Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain (semester exchange)

International Experience: While I was studying in Spain I travelled to 13 different countries: The Netherlands, Morroco, Italy, Greece, Ireland, France, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom and Spain.

"Studying abroad allowed me to explore new and different cultures. I want to help students broaden their experiences outside of this country and encourage them that studying abroad is possible with any major."