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Peer Advisor Profiles

Trying to find a program? Wondering how to fund it? Nervous about living abroad? You're not alone!

Study Abroad Mentor Program Peer Advisors have been there and they're here for you. The StAMP Peer Advisors are University of Texas at Austin students who have studied abroad. The Peer Advisors are trained to help you become aware of the range of available opportunities abroad, think through which ones might be best for you, and get you started in the application process. Peer Advisors are available for walk-in advising in the International Office, and can also be reached via email and telephone throughout the academic year and summer.

Peer Advising Walk-in Hours (August 26 - December 11)

Day of the Week Hours Last Check-in Time*
Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm (4:30pm)

*Last sign-in time is subject to change during busy advising periods.

Presentation Requests

Any requests for Peer Advisor presentations in your FIG class, residence hall socials, or organization meetings can be submitted through this presentation request form.

Peer Advisors 2015 - 2016

study abroad peer advisor nhiNHI LE, Neuroscience (Senior Peer Advisor)

Study Abroad Program: Engineering Design & Graphics in Vienna, Austria (Faculty-Led)

International Experience: Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic.

"I wanted to be a Peer Advisor so that I can help other students who might be overwhelmed with all of the planning and worry that comes with studying abroad. I wasn’t sure of what I was getting into when I started my own study abroad process and I want to be available to those who have questions or need advice and encouragement. I had some of my most unforgettable adventures while abroad and I want to reach out to help other students who are dreaming of experience their own memorable moments."

OLIVER BABCOCK, International Relations & Global Studies and Government

Study Abroad Program: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg, Germany (Year Exchange)

International Experience: Studied abroad in Freiburg, Germany for one year. Traveled to Switzerland, France, Lichtenstein, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain, England, Italy, Belgium, and The Netherlands.

"Having gone in one end of study abroad and come out the other, I know that the advice my peer advisor gave me at the very beginning helped me to make the most of my study abroad program as well as my time abroad in general. It's a big world out there, and I wanted to be a study abroad peer advisor so that I can be that first step in a great experience as well as meet some of the students heading out on their own adventure."

study abroad peer advisor andyANDRES "ANDY" CERECERO, Government

Study Abroad Program: Japan (tentative)

International Experience: I have previously lived in Mexico.

"I have always been interested in international affairs and in study abroad, so I'm excited to learn more about the process and share what I learn with other students hoping to go abroad."


CINNAMON CORNELL, Journalism and Public Relations

Study Abroad Program: Urban Economic Development in Cape Town, South Africa (Maymester)

International Experience: Cape Town South Africa, London, Canada, Shanghai China, Beijing China

"I wanted to be a peer advisor because I am a true advocate for studying abroad. I want to push students to take advantage of every opportunity the University of Texas at Austin has to offer. I want to show students they are capable of accomplishing their goals and dreams. Studying abroad is essential for UT students to truly change the world."

MARIE GUERMOND, Government/Latin American Studies

Study Abroad Program: Santiago, Chile (Semester Exchange)

International Experience: Born, lived, and visits family in France, short trips to Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, and Mexico, a two month solo backpacking adventure in Argentina, and a year studying abroad in Chile.

"I wanted to be a peer advisor because my year abroad has been a defining moment of my college career, and I would like to encourage and help all others who have an itch to discover the world."

FAITH IZUEGBU, Youth and Community Studies/Educational Psychology minor

Study Abroad Program: Sydney, Australia (Exchange); Urban Economic Development in Cape Town, South Africa (Maymester)

International Experience: Australia for five months; Cape Town, South Africa for one month.

"I wanted to be a peer advisor in Study Abroad to get more underrepresented students, like myself, abroad."

BRAD MAHONEY, Computer Science

Study Abroad Program: University College London, England (Exchange)

International Experience: While I was abroad I traveled all over Europe including Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy, and of course England.

"I absolutely loved my study abroad experience and I wanted to help others who may not think study abroad is possible for them have the same experience. I also really wanted to stay involved with the Study Abroad office."

study abroad peer advisor nicoleSHIRIN MANSOORI, Sport Management

Study Abroad Program: Oxford Brookes University, England (Exchange)

International Experience: Traveled to 14 different countries: Mexico, Iran, Dubai, Japan, the Bahamas, Spain, France, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

"I wanted to become a peer advisor to not only share my incredible study abroad experience, but to convince students to take this one time chance in college to travel the world, to create unique friendships, to become immersed in other cultures, to broaden their perspective on life, and to learn in a different environment."


Study Abroad Program: Korea University International (Summer Exchange)

International Experience: South Korea

"I want to let other natural science pre-meds know that they have time to study abroad without feeling restricted to research or science courses. I also want to advocate the general importance of cross-cultural experiences."


DAVID McDONALD, Youth & Community Studies/African & African Diaspora Studies/Public Relations minor

Study Abroad Program: Urban Economic Development in Cape Town, South Africa (Maymester)

International Experience: London, England, Cape Town, South Africa

"Being a peer advisor gives you the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of students on an everyday basis by giving students the opportunity to learn more about opportunities to study abroad and become a part of the global community. I want to assist in increasing the number of students that study abroad who identify as African American and Latino or who are first-generation college students. I love traveling and experiencing new things and by working in the Study Abroad Office I will be able to learn more about how to travel efficiently and learn more about the world at the same time."

JOHN PAUL NAPLETON, International Relation & Global Studies/Public Relations

Study Abroad Program: Urban Economic Development in Cape Town, South Africa (Maymester) and Language & Culture in Santander, Spain (Summer Faculty-Led)

International Experience: I was originally born in Mexico City, Mexico and have been blessed with the opportunity to travel throughout my life. I have visited 9 different countries: Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, London, Spain, France, Italy and South Africa.

"I firmly believe that every student in college should have the experience of traveling abroad while in college, whether it’s interning, studying or volunteering. I want to be there to help students with this process and make it a possibility. I’ve always had a passion for traveling and learning about the different cultures, language and practices around the world. I want to share that with others and inform them of the endless possibilities that the University offers."

FRANCISCO OCHOA, Geography, History, Latin American Studies

Study Abroad Program: Bogacizi University in Istanbul, Turkey (Summer Affiliate) and Nature, Sustainability, and Society in Ecuador (Maymester)

International Experience: Mexico, Ecuador, France, Turkey, Hungary, Greece, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy

"I want to share my experiences abroad with the UT Community and encourage people to study abroad in non-traditional countries. Above all, I want to be able to show the UT Community that study abroad is always possible, an incredible adventure, and something extraordinary. Extraordinary things happen to extraordinary people with extraordinary destinies."

study abroad peer advisor madisonMADISON ROSER, Geography/Geology minor 

Study Abroad Program: University of Tasmania (Exchange)

International Experience: Tasmania, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica, Puerto Vallarta, and repelling off mountains in Vera Cruz!

"I love talking to students and sharing my experiences. I am a huge advocate for traveling and immersing yourself in new environments/cultures!"


Outreach Coordinators 2015 - 2016


ANGELICA BENITES, Civil Engineering

"My sister introduced me to studying abroad when I was only nine years old. Although I was very young and probably did not know a whole lot about it, I have been looking forward to my chance at studying abroad ever since then. With that being said, I am very interested in the study abroad program and I thought that the culture at the international office would be very diverse, which is what I enjoy. I also wanted to contribute to my interest as much as I could."

MARIA MENDEZ, Government and Philosophy

"I wanted to be an Outreach Study Abroad Coordinator because they played a tremendous part in helping me decide to study abroad, which I did this past summer, and showing that it is possible to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."


"I want to help students across UT realize the benefits of studying abroad as well as the availability of it. Graduating within four years and studying abroad is possible and one will find that they may learn more in one semester abroad than in a year here."


"Helping others has always been a passion of mine and helping other by informing them of all the opportunities that are available when studying abroad is something that at leas for me is detrimental in breaking the stigma that studying abroad has."