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Congratulations on making one of the best decisions of your life -- the decision to study abroad. No matter where you go or how long you study abroad, it will change you forever. Search in the program portal or browse by program length, major, length, cost, and experience.


Find the right program for you

The first step is to find the right program for you, whether you're most interested in length, cost, degree credits, language or destination. Search in the program portal or browse the options below.



By Major

Find a program with courses that are pre-approved for your major and degree plan and use the prepared guides to help you find the best fit


Semester Long

Explore long term immersive experiences through an exchange, independent research, internships, and other semester options


Short Term

Learn how you can spend the summer abroad with a group of UT students led by UT professor or interning abroad


Low Cost

Check out more than 100 low cost programs in 35+ countries that cost as much or less than your tuition and living expenses at UT



Discover how you can enhance your résumé, build a professional network and earn credit while interning abroad


Service Learning

Learn about programs that combine coursework with hands-on experience and helping communities in need

Pick a plan

We know that choosing a program might seem overwhelming so we've broken down the basics in this table to help you understand program length, credit and other components. Research your options, talk to an advisor, attend an info session and pick your plan.

Program Term Length(weeks) Financial Aid & Scholarships Credit(hours) UT Faculty Service Learning Internship Research
Short Term 1-2 yes 3 yes yes    
Maymester 3-4 yes 3 yes yes yes  
Summer 6-10 yes 6-12 yes yes yes yes
Semester 10-16 yes 12 or more yes yes yes yes
Semester Plus 16-19 yes 18 yes      
Year 32 yes 30   yes yes