On Campus

On Campus

A Global Community on Campus

While leading internationalization at UT Austin, the International Office is part of a network of student organizations, area study centers and entities on campus that make the community on the Forty Acres a truly global one. Together, we represent a leading global university with tangible impact locally and globally.

Student Organizations

Student Organizations

There are hundreds of student organizations at UT for students with interests spanning from service and science to food and art. Numerous student organizations highlight and serve the international community on campus while the diversity of these student organizations represents the welcoming nature of our campus culture.

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Area Study Centers

Area Study Centers & Departments

UT Austin’s area study centers are an important part of international education on campus. They provide students and scholars with opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of regions throughout the world, foreign languages and global issues.

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Campus Partners

Campus Partners

The breadth of our work and depth of our impact would not be possible without the help of our partners across the university. We work with departments, offices, centers and programs to develop programs, pursue interdisciplinary grants and combine resources to deepen international education opportunities on and off campus.

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Info for Departments

Information for Departments

The International Office not only serves students but also faculty and staff at The University of Texas at Austin. We can help academic advisors explore study abroad opportunities with their students, assist departments hire international employees, provide English as a Second Language instruction for International Teaching Assistants, among a number of other services.

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