Initiate a Program

UT Austin offers numerous faculty-led programs to encourage a diverse range of students to study abroad and provide support to first-time international travelers.

Are you interested in running a study abroad Maymester, Summer or Semester Plus program? We work with faculty and departments across the university to provide administrative and logistical support for all types of programs.

Program Types

  • Maymester - Courses are four-week, four-credit hour courses taught by UT faculty members at international locations during the spring semester. They begin prior to the start of first summer session and conclude before second summer session begins.
  • Summer - Courses may be offered in the first, second, or whole summer session. The number of courses per program may, but each session must be a minimum of six weeks and offer students six hours of credit.
  • Semester Plus - Incorporates a 3-week faculty-led program preceding an exchange semester at one of our premier institutions.
  • Global Classroom - A Global Classroom blends, either wholly or in part, a course at UT Austin with a course at an international partner university using online technology to connect students, foster collaboration, and facilitate co-teaching. Students receive credit from and pay tuition to their home university.

How to propose a program

There are four steps in the process to initiating a faculty-led program:

  1. Reference the Faculty Handbook.
  2. Consult a study abroad program coordinator.
  3. Attend the Workshop: Designing and Proposing a Faculty-led Program on September, 2018 (Date & Time TBD)  in the International Office (2400 Nueces St.).
  4. Submit a complete proposal packet for 2020-2021 by the Jan. 25, 2019 deadline.

Programs in Restricted Regions

Certain regions are subject to the UT System Restricted Regions Travel Policy. The International Office’s Global Risk & Safety team is responsible for informing students and faculty participating in and leading study abroad programs regarding University Policy on International Travel to Restricted Regions. If you are proposing a program in a country with a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning, please review this policy prior to submitting your proposal.

Departmentally-administered Faculty-Led Programs

Many departments, colleges and schools administer study abroad programs independent of the International Office. For example, the College of Liberal Arts, Cockrell School of Engineering and the McCombs School of Business are well known for their exceptional programs. The International Office also supports departmentally-administered faculty-led (DAFL) programs.

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