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Financial Services

ISSS is dedicated to providing financial support to international students which includes over $200,000 in awards, scholarships and loans annually. From a cash loan for an unexpected emergency to a full tuition stipend, we strive to provide support to international students at all different stages of their studies at The University of Texas at Austin.


General ISSS Financial Aid

F and J students who have completed two semesters at UT Austin are eligible to apply for this $2,500 award each semester

Tuition Assistance for Mexican Students (TAMS)

Incoming and current Mexican students are eligible to apply for this non-resident tuition waiver each spring

Good Neighbor Scholarship (GNS)

Incoming and current students from the Western Hemisphere are eligible to apply for this full tuition waiver each spring

Jerry D. Wilcox Community Engagement Scholarship (JWS)

Undergraduate F and J students who have completed one semester at UT Austin and are involved in the community are eligible to apply for this $2,500 scholarship each spring

Ethel Loving de Diaz Scholarship

Incoming and current Mexican students who demonstrate financial need and are working to fund their degree.

SIAWE Scholarship

Students of Iranian descent who demonstrate financial need are eligible to apply for this scholarship from the Society of Iranian-American Women for Education.

Financial Assistance

Tuition and Emergency Cash Loans

ISSS may be able to help you apply for tuition or cash loans that must be repaid to the university at 4% interest

Venezuelan CADIVI Information

ISSS can issue up to two letters to CADIVI each semester, verifying tuition, fees and course enrollment

Appointments & Contact Information

ISSS has limited financial aid appointments and most of our information can be found online. If you have an extenuating financial circumstance or questions that were not answered above, feel free to contact our Financial Aid Advisor with questions.

More Information

Learn about ISSS Donors

Certain ISSS awards are made possible with the generous support of donors


Donate to ISSS to help international students finance their education

Outside Scholarships and Loans

These scholarships and loans are not administered by UT Austin but international students have applied for them in the past. There is also a link to an outside scholarship finder.