After College

You’ve come so far but this is only the beginning. But don’t worry, you’re not on your own. Here are some resources to help you plan for after college.

Planning for Graduate School and/or Employment

If you are a currently enrolled student at UT, the Center for Strategic Advising and Career Counseling is a great resource. Academic advisors and career counselors can help you explore possible academic and career paths based on identified interests, skills and values.

Another great resource for post-college planning is a publication from a California-based nonprofit, Educators for Fair Consideration. Life After College Guide for Undocumented Students is a 73-page student guide containing valuable information, tips, and resources to help undocumented students navigate the general processes associated with applying to graduate school and accessing internship and employment opportunities.

Undocumented students can attend graduate school at UT. Visit UT’s Graduate School webpage to learn more about minimum requirements to be considered for graduate admission to the University of Texas at Austin and to explore specific graduate programs. When considering a graduate program, students should consider that obtaining certifications and state licenses required for some professions, can be difficult for undocumented immigrants due to requirements such as background-checks, social security numbers and state examinations.

Graduates Reaching A Dream Deferred (GRADD)

GRADD is an organization founded by undocumented graduate students that aims to address the needs of immigrant students interested in pursuing graduate education.