Feeling stressed? Here are some sources that can help you make your college experience smoother.

Mental Health

The UT Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC) is committed to serving UT's diverse campus community. All students enrolled at UT are eligible for services. Free services include a variety of educational groups and classes, access to the Mind Body Lab and 24-hour Telephone Counseling 512-471-2255. You can also schedule an individual appointment at CMHC to speak with a counselor ($10 fee).

UndocuHealth is a project of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance – an undocumented youth-led network of grassroots organizations, campus-based student groups and individuals committed to achieving equality for all immigrant youth, regardless of their legal status.

The University Leadership Initiative (ULI) is an active student group on the UT campus comprised of undocumented students and advocates. ULI is a supportive community for undocumented students at UT. They promote a variety of activities, forums, and demonstrations related to promoting access to higher education for undocumented students.

Student Health Insurance Plan

Even though you may have lived in the U.S. nearly your entire life, you are classified as an international student by the standards of the university system if you are an undocumented student. The UT Board of Regents requires that every international student have health coverage, therefore you are automatically enrolled in the UT Student Health Insurance Plan. This insurance plan is underwritten by BlueCross/BlueShield of Texas and administered by Academic HealthPlans.


The Student Health Insurance Plan is a comprehensive health insurance plan which includes benefits covering preventative and routine care, surgery, maternity, emergency care, and prescription drugs. You can review detailed plan costs and benefits on the Academic HealthPlans website. You can also meet with an insurance advisor at the International Office to discuss this coverage option.

If you do not wish to keep the student health insurance coverage, an advisor at the International Office can help you complete a permanent insurance waiver form. This form must be completed before the 11th class day of the semester with a UT International Office advisor. It cannot be completed online or over the phone.

Once you submit this form you are permanently waived out of the UT Health Insurance plan. If you later decide you would like to have UT health insurance coverage, you must schedule an appointment with an insurance advisor at the International Office.

Schedule an appointment

You can still access affordable healthcare at University Health Services, and at many off-campus locations, even if you do not hold insurance coverage.

University Health Services

The University Health Services (UHS) provides patient care and medical education to students of the University of Texas at Austin. Their services also include a full-service Women’s Health Clinic.

If you are a registered student at UT, you are eligible to use UHS regardless of insurance or immigration status. UHS is located on campus at:

Student Services Building (SSB)
100 W. Dean Keeton
Austin, TX 78712

A service of UHS, the UHS Nurse Advice Line is staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the year. UT students can call (512) 475-6877 (NURS) for advice on how to care for an illness or injury at home, or guidance about whether and when to see a healthcare provider.

The UHS website includes information about a wide variety of Health Topics relevant to UT students. They also maintain a Health Promotion Lending Library at their location in the SSB.

The Medical Access Program (MAP) is a service of Central Health, providing healthcare coverage for low income persons or families living in Travis County without other healthcare coverage such as Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance. Eligibility for MAP is not dependent on immigration status.

MAP covers primary care, prescriptions, specialists, hospital care, and includes a 24/7 Nurse Advice Line. Upon enrollment in MAP, you are provided a MAP identification card to access health care services through clinics or doctors who offer care to MAP patients.

The following clinics and health centers provide medical services and referrals regardless of immigration status. They accept MAP and/or operate on a sliding fee scale basis according to income.

People’s Community Clinic

Lone Star Circle of Care

Community Care Health Centers