Employment and Housing During College

While it can be difficult to find employment and housing as an undocumented student, it is not impossible. Here are some of your options.

Employment during college

Interested in working while studying? There are career-counseling services available to ALL students enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin regardless of immigration status.

For more information about internship and career opportunities, visit the Center for Strategic Advising & Career Counseling.

Working during the school year

At this time, on campus employment requires a legal work permit for all employees. If you do have a work permit, you can search for jobs at hirealonghorn.org

Deferred Action (DACA) allows opportunities for some students who are eligible to gain work authorization. Consult with a local community clinic about eligibility requirements to apply for DACA and work authorization.

We also encourage students to consider research internships and/or leadership positions during their time as UT students. Although often unpaid, these opportunities will help develop important skills and build your resume for future employment opportunities.

Tax Information for Undocumented Students


The Longhorn DREAMers Project recognizes that there are additional unique circumstances undocumented students faces when looking for housing. Here are some things to consider when looking for housing near campus:

Social Security Numbers and Property Leases

Some apartment complexes and properties may require a SSN or a background check upon signing the lease. However, there are also many housing options that do not require this information. Certain properties will allow an undocumented student to find a cosigner with good credit as an alternative to having an SSN when signing a lease.

How to set up a utility services account with Austin Energy without a SSN:

  1. Visit one of the walk-in Utility Customer Service Centers
  2. Bring ID such as a passport, consular card, or Texas driver's license/Texas state ID and cash/check or money order.

Fees and office hours may be subject to change so call 512-494-9400 to verify start-up and activation fees.

Austin Tenants' Council

The Austin Tenants' Council (ATC) works on behalf of Travis County residents to protect tenants' rights and educate on a variety of housing issues. If you need direct assistance with locating affordable housing, navigating a lease agreement, reporting a case of discrimination, or another housing issue, ATC can be a great resource.