How to Apply

Applying to college can be complicated, here is a sample timeline to follow if you are applying to The University of Texas Austin. Please do not take this as a comprehensive list of all necessary steps. Ongoing communication with high school counselors and college admissions counselors is highly recommended throughout the application process.


  • Begin researching schools/talk with your high school counselors
  • If in AISD, schedule an appointment with your High School Counselor to make sure you qualify for SB1528. If your counselor is not familiar with SB1528, ask them to help you contact the AISD high school/secondary specialist for Guidance & Counseling. Visit the AISD Staff Directory to look up the current contact person.
  • Begin an Apply Texas online application:
    • When asked for Social Security Number: enter all zeros
    • When asked for visa information, answer correctly: do not answer with false information
    • If true for your situation, answer YES to the question: “Have you resided in Texas the last 36 consecutive months of High School?”
    • When asked if you are a legal Texas resident, answer YES
    • Question C of the ApplyTexas Application does not refer to your legal status in the United States, but whether you or your parent/guardian have lived and worked in Texas for at least 12 months.

Obtain an “SB1528 Affidavit of Intent” and have it notarized by a notary public

  • Connect with groups in the school and community that can help you with college applications.
  • Register for the SAT and/or ACT (if you receive free or reduced lunch, ask your counselor for a fee waiver so you don’t have to pay for the test).
  • Register online for SAT
  • Register online for ACT


  • Research scholarships and begin working on your essays (deadlines will be throughout the school year). Make sure you look for university scholarships- these are the best. Local scholarships are the easiest to get. Resources about scholarships are available to undocumented students - we recommend you also do your own searching!
  • Prepare for the SAT and/or ACT
  • Your Apply Texas application should be close to completion. View deadlines.
  • Submit university application (if possible, submit to an admissions officer directly), fee, affidavit and high school transcripts. To request an exemption from the application processing fee, the applicant must submit a copy of the following:
    • Financial award letter (for undergraduate transfer applicants and Graduate School applicants)
    • Approved test fee waiver from the ACT, SAT, GRE or GMAT
    • Applicants’ parents' or guardians’ income tax returns for the past two years or the applicant’s own returns, if he or she was not claimed as a dependents by another taxpayer
    • Financial aid transcript from an institution the applicant previously attended
    • Documentation from a high school counselor showing financial need. For example, the counselor might submit a statement that indicates the applicant’s free-lunch status.

**Remember that SB 1528 is still unfamiliar to many people. Even some college admission counselors are not very familiar with it.

If you do not hear anything in four weeks follow-up, make sure all necessary paperwork has been received.

  • In order for SB 1528 students to apply for state financial aid, they must submit a completed TAFSA or FAFSA. The TAFSA application requires that you submit copies of tax documents. If you don’t already have one, read more information about how to get an ITIN. The paper FAFSA does not require that you submit any tax documents, so it may be the easier application to complete.
  • TAFSA and FAFSA applications released. Have your application for financial aid completed no later than March 15, this is the priority deadline for UT. Submit paper copies of the TASFA or FAFSA to UT, do not mail to the federal government!
  • Universities will send you a letter of acceptance or rejection. If you have not heard anything by mid-March, follow up by contacting the admissions office.

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