Alumni Features

Family of UT Alumni to Mentor Students Studying Abroad

THE WHITES ARE truly an international Longhorn family. Jim and Meredith live and teach in Singapore, their son Colin lives and works in Shanghai and their daughter Allie is a teacher in the Austin area. A career opportunity first took Jim White and his family to Singapore in 1999, beginning an exciting but challenging global journey that involved moving back and forth between the U.S., China and Taiwan several times.

Alumna's Journey from Rio's Hip-Hop Beats to the Latest Buzz at NPR

The lights. The sounds. The energy. That is what drives flocks of travelers from around the world to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is also what drove UT alumna Jessica Diaz-Hurtado (’15) to take her research abroad, culminating in her thesis and 2014 award-winning documentary series Ta Ligado: Rodas e Hip Hop no Rio, a look into Rio de Janeiro’s youth hip-hop culture. 

A Year Around the World in Photos

All of us at the International Office are proud to lead international education at The University of Texas at Austin and grateful to those who help make it possible. Together with our partners on campus and beyond, we provide global experiences that are transformational for our university community.

Our students and faculty come from and travel to places all over the world, capturing important moments and experiences through their photography.

Alumna Creates Endowment for Study Abroad

India is often described as colorful and chaotic, busy and fast-paced—a symphony of street sounds. Yet, what impressed Texas alumna Jean St. Clair the most was the welcoming spirit. "People were so open and giving in general," she describes. 

The linguist describes the combination of sounds made by music, street vendors, and car horns as a form of communication, "[it felt] like a conversation that they are all having with one another." 

Mexico City Alumni Host Study Abroad Students

One of the biggest benefits of studying abroad is building an international network and connections that can help advance your career. And one of the biggest benefits of being a UT alumnus is connecting with the Longhorn nation.

In early June, UT study abroad students and alumni got to experience the power of both of those benefits when they gathered for the Texas Exes Mexico City Chapter’s annual barbecue.

International Alumni Saving the World

Graduation has come and gone, and as we send off our international graduates on their next journey, we wonder about those who came before, where they ended up, and what role their time at UT played in their lives.

We happily stumbled upon a UT alumna while perusing the website of one of our favorite international nonprofits. Nitya Oberoi, originally from India but raised in Kuwait, graduated from UT Austin in 2005 with degrees in Computer Science, Advertising, Journalism and Business Foundations.

Preparing for a Global Economy

Training Offers UT Students Skills for Study, Work and Life in Asia and Southeast Asia

In today’s global economy, cross-cultural communication is a critical skill for college graduates. In late 2015, students at UT Austin gathered on campus to hone that skill in a hands-on training specific to working and living in East and Southeast Asia.