UT Program or Group Restricted Regions Request

If you are requesting approval to take a group to or lead a program in a Restricted Region, your sponsoring or hosting department Chair/Unit Head and Dean/VP both must review and sign your requests. The Dean/VP may delegate this responsibility to another individual in the same office, but whoever assumes this authority must complete IOC training. UT's list of current Deans and Chairs can be found here

Submit Request to IOC

The program or group organizer must submit a complete request form, with all the appropriate signatures, to the IOC at IOC@austin.utexas.edu. All forms must be typed. You will need Adobe Reader to access the forms. (Mac users may encounter problems with Preview.) Download the current version of Adobe Reader here.

Completed paperwork must be submitted by these deadlines:

Proposed departure date

Deadline for submission

Maymester and Summer Programs

Preceding November 1

Fall Programs
Preceding February 15
Winter Break Programs
Preceding September 1
Spring Programs
Preceding September 15

Submitting a request to the IOC does not guarantee approval to conduct a program or group in a Restricted Region, so program/group organizers should not purchase any travel or announce, market, or distribute promotional materials about it without final IOC approval. Failure to allow sufficient time for IOC review may result in a denied application and/or delayed start date for travel.

In some cases, the IOC may decide to issue a "preliminary approval," which will let you move forward with planning and promoting the program/group. You are then responsible for contacting the IOC 6-8 weeks before the program/group start date to request "final approval." The IOC will review the request once again, in light of any change in circumstances or security climate since the preliminary approval.

Whenever there is unforeseen, last-minute travel that does not allow for requests to be submitted according to the stated IOC deadlines, you should include a statement specifically addressing the circumstances of the unanticipated trip, in addition to your formal request. These late requests cannot be guaranteed a decision prior to the proposed departure date and may result in a denied application and/or delayed start date for travel.

Student Requirements

All student participants must complete all other requirements set forth in the Student Travel Policy for International Locations. Faculty-led programs may email TravelAbroad@austin.utexas.edu for details on how to proceed.

The IOC retains the right to withdraw one's travel authorization, if necessary, and to withhold reimbursement and/or take other disciplinary actions for noncompliance with the UT Travel Policy.