Safety Updates: December 2016

December 19

On Monday, December 19, a lorry (large shipping truck) drove through the crowd at the popular Christmas market at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin, Germany. Unfortunately, reports are stating nine were killed and approximately 50 were injured. This attack is currently under investigation. German officials have been concerned, and continue to be concerned, about security around the popular Christmas markets, which are a main place for holiday shopping in Berlin and typically draw large crowds. Travel Advice Exercise vigilance and anticipate an increased police presence in and around central… Read more

December 12

Earthquakes are an everyday occurrence below the Earth’s surface and occur thousands of times per year. Major earthquakes are less common, but are known to cause devastation and causalities. A total of 13,424 earthquakes magnitude 4.0 and up have occurred in 2016. Preparing for earthquakes involves learning what people should do before, during, and after earthquakes; and preparing to do those things before the next quake. Earthquake Facts The largest recorded earthquake in the world was a magnitude 9.5 (Mw) in Chile on May 22, 1960. Although both are sea waves, a tsunami and a tidal wave… Read more