Safety Updates: October 2016

October 21

Protests can be the result of a multitude of issues that arise – from elections, to student tuition increases, to public transportation concerns. It is important to understand, while most of these demonstrations remain peaceful, some result in vandalism, assaults and sometimes causalities. It is important to avoid areas where protests and demonstrations are taking place, not only for your personal safety, but the safety of others.  Recently, Ethiopia and South Africa have experienced ongoing protests. Ethiopia At least 500 people have died during the anti-government protests over the… Read more

October 6

The U.S. State Department has updated the Haiti Travel Warning, and added Travel Warnings for the Bahamas and Jamaica in preparation for Hurricane Matthew, a massive category 4 hurricane with winds reaching 130mph and gusts up to 160mph. Heavy rainfall (up to 40 inches) and flooding is expected in affected areas, and the threat of landslides is possible. The U.S. State Department is authorizing departures of family members of government personnel and encouraging the departure of all U.S. citizens in countries soon to be impacted by Hurricane Matthew. That said, airports will close once… Read more