UT Specific Resources

The International Office compiles information from resources including the U.S. State Department, the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization to help students and faculty prepare themselves for international research and study. But we also have resources specifically for UT students and faculty.


Emergency Action Plan: Important emergency numbers including International SOS and your emergency contacts. Keep this with you at all times while abroad.

University Health Services: Travel health information, immunizations, counseling, and useful links

UT International Travel Accident & Sickness Insurance: Chubb/ACE American Insurance Company Policy

International SOS Emergency Card: Wallet-sized card with contact information for UT's overseas emergency assistance provider, International SOS

Travel Management Services: Airfare, upgrades, rental cars, travel authorization especially for UT students and faculty

Data Encryption Policies: Protect your information, sensitive research materials and other university data while in countries with different privacy rules or from theft

UT Export Control: The export of certain data, technologies, software and hardware is regulated and controlled by Federal law for reasons of national security, foreign policy, and for competitive trade reasons. 

UT Information Security Office - International Travel Guidelines for information security, such as laptop encryption and risk(s) to sensitive data.