Request Restricted Region Travel Approval

While travel to certain regions is restricted because of safety risks, instability, or other reasons, in some cases the International Oversight Committee (IOC) will grant an exception. A person or group applying to travel to a Restricted Region as a student or faculty or staff member—not on personal vacation—must follow a specific process with fixed dates. For more information, please email

Approval Expectations

The IOC does not guarantee approval of any applications. The IOC requires the applicant provide a compelling justification for the travel and that there be no suitable alternative opportunities. Your request must be strongly linked to academic goals and demonstrate a thorough grasp of all major health, safety, or security concerns. It also must include an adequate risk mitigation strategy.

Since the IOC will not retroactively approve any past travel to a Restricted Region, you must make an official request to the IOC before traveling. An IOC subcommittee, appointed by the Vice Provost, will review travel requests and make a decision that will be final and cannot be appealed.

In cases where the risk is deemed to be too high, travel will not be approved.

Application Processes

The process differs based on your status at the university, or if you are with a group. For three or more individuals that are traveling to the same destination at the same time, complete the UT Group form.

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