International Travel Policies

International Travel Policies

The University of Texas at Austin is committed to making study, research, and other academic pursuits abroad both accessible and safe for faculty and students. As such, we maintain governing policies for official university international travel.

restricted regions travel policy

Restricted Regions Travel Policy

To minimize health and safety risks, the University has adopted the UT Travel Policy to Restricted Regions to govern student, faculty, and staff travel for UT-related activities abroad. The International Oversight Committee administers this policy and maintains a Restricted Regions List of locations worldwide which pose heightened health, safety, and travel risks. No student, faculty, or staff can be required to travel to a location on the Restricted Regions List. UT Austin students, faculty, and staff are not permitted to participate in international activities in locations on the Restricted Regions List unless an exception is granted by the IOC.

student travel policy

Student International Travel Policy

The Student Travel Policy relates to all official student travel abroad. Every enrolled undergraduate, graduate and professional student participating in activities or events abroad (whether required or optional) need to obtain authorization to travel abroad. Students traveling to Restricted Regions need only complete the approval steps required for travel to Restricted Regions. Travel registration and insurance requirements still apply.

health and safety training

Health and Safety Training

All faculty and staff that lead groups of students abroad (including graduate assistants and resident directors) are required to attend the Faculty Health and Safety Workshop offered by the International Office twice each year, as determined by a policy implemented by the International Oversight Committee.