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Applying to be a Peace Corps Volunteer

The Peace Corps application is now simpler, faster and more personalized than ever before. You can browse job openings that are currently available and complete your application online in an hour.

Note: Applicants to the two-year program must be at least 18 years old and a U.S. citizen. Apply 9 to 12 months before you want to leave.

Join the nearly 7,000 Americans serving abroad and find the right fit.


What’s the application process like?



Filling out the online application takes about an hour, which you can complete all at once, or save and return to it later.

Start your application

Time to complete: 1 hour

There are some medical conditions that typically are not supported in Peace Corps service; review the important medical information for applicants.

Provide your health history so we can match you with countries that can support your medical needs.

Complete as soon as possible to move to the next step.

Browse current openings and pick a program where you skills can make the greatest impact.

View current openings

Give the Peace Corps an idea of your work style and the environment in which you excel.

 Complete as soon as possible to move to the next step.

If selected to interview, you will have the chance to talk to a Peace Corps placement officer about your skills and interests.

Videoconference scheduled over email.

If chosen, receive and respond to your invitation to serve. If you aren't selected, that doesn't mean Peace Corps doesn't want you! Read the FAQs to find out more.

On or before your know-by date.

Get the final OK from the Peace Corps Medical Office to serve abroad. The Peace Corps Medical Office will confirm that the Peace Corps can provide the individual medical support you need, and the Placement Office will confirm your legal eligibility for service.

Provide the legal and medical information requested as soon as possible.

Embark on your Peace Corps service assignment, starting with training in the U.S.!

More about Preparation & Training Departure dates are noted in Volunteer 

Still have questions? Talk to the UT Peace Corps Recruiter or check out the FAQs.