Austin has housing opportunities to suit everyone's tastes. Whether you prefer dorm-style living, a co-op or just an apartment, Austin has it all. Students and scholars are responsible for making their own housing arrangements. However, the International Office provides the below suggestions to help you in your search.

Housing Options

Housing Placement Services – Simply International, a local Austin housing placement company, is available to assist our international students and scholars who are seeking a place to live during their time at the university. The City of Austin is growing in leaps and bounds every day, and it can often be difficult to locate both short- and long-term housing, especially for those who aren’t familiar with Austin neighborhoods and pricing. Simply International is ready to help you with your housing and settling in needs including housing placement and set-up of utilities.

Off-Campus Housing Website – Conduct a filtered search for off-campus rental properties, find a roommate, or check out other resources, like an example rental contract.

Off-Campus Living Resources - Tips and guides for UT Austin students.

Short-Term Housing

It may take a few days or weeks to get settled in long-term housing in Austin. If that’s the case, there are many hotels, hostels, Airbnb homes, and other short-term accommodations available.

Many International Student Organizations assist students in finding temporary housing in Austin. To find out if there is a student organization that represents your home country or region, search the Registered Student Organization Database.

Long-Term Housing

Once you know that you will attend UT, you should begin researching and arranging housing as early as possible. Housing is limited, especially within walking distance of campus.

Note: This option is currently unavailable to ESL students.

Living in on-campus UT dormitories, owned and operated by UT Division of Housing and Food Services, is available for international students. Priority is given to freshmen. Apply as early as possible (no later than May 1) as spaces are limited. For on-campus housing, contact: Division of Housing and Food Services, (512) 471-3136. UT dormitories are rarely an option for exchange students because rooms are reserved far in advance and are offered primarily to first year students. Homestays with families in the Austin community are not available. Exchange students attending UT usually choose from three types of housing: co-operative houses (co-ops), private dormitories, and apartments.

Though on-campus dormitory space is limited, the need for safe, convenient dormitory space in Austin is filled by several off-campus private dormitories. Dormitories and co-ops are located within walking distance of the UT campus and offer double (shared) and some single (private) rooms for both men and women students. Often dorms and co-ops serve meals (Goodall Wooten dormitory does not) and include the cost of a meal plan in their prices. Most offer amenities such as swimming pools, exercise rooms, computer labs, and planned social activities. Many exchange students enjoy dorms and co-ops because group living provides a community of university students, with opportunities to make friends and participate in shared activities.

Cooperative houses are democratically-run residences, called "co-ops," in which occupants share cooking and cleaning responsibilities and share decision making about house policies and activities. Sometimes less expensive than other housing options, Co-ops provide an opportunity to meet a variety of people. For information contact:

Officially affiliated with UT, the University Apartments are also known as "family housing." Family housing offers inexpensive off-campus UN-furnished apartments for single and married students and are available on a limited basis. University Apartments are limited to students who are enrolled full-time at UT. For more information, see the University Apartments website.

Some exchange students live in private apartments in the Austin community. To research private apartments, neighborhoods, leases and other pertinent information, look at the housing links available through the Around Austin website off the UT main page. Make sure that the apartment you choose is on a Capital Metro or UT Shuttle Bus line. You can check their routes on their websites. Some helpful tips to assist you in your housing search are as follows:

  • Many international student organizations assist students in finding long-term housing in Austin. To find out if there is a student organization that represents your home country or region, see the list of International Student Organizations at UT.
  • See UT's Off-Campus Housing Guide
  • Check the “Classified” Section of the following local newspapers, and select “Central” Austin for addresses closer to the University of Texas at Austin:
  • Walk or drive around neighborhoods near campus (north or west) looking for “For Rent” or “For Lease” signs. Contact an Apartment Locator Service (apartments are usually rented in person, but apartment locator services may assist you before you arrive)

Some apartment locator services include: