U.S. Sports & Culture Immersion Program

The U.S. Sports & Culture Immersion Program is a four-week, custom designed, multi-faceted learning experience related to sport and physical education for Chinese undergraduate students studying sports management, economics, marketing and other related fields. It combines classwork, panels and a variety of excursions involving sports and physical fitness around Central Texas.

You will interact with leading researchers, students, athletes, coaches and communities at UT Austin to explore the history and critical issues of sport culture and physical education in the U.S. You will also learn to play American football and baseball and grow to understand how these two sports influence American sport culture and the general American culture.

  • UT RecSports: Connecting Students with Athletics - Get an overview of the history and structure of the university recreational sports programs and activities. Speakers will include Recreational Sports staff members: Associate Director - Programs, Senior Assistant Director - Outdoor Recreation & Community Outreach, Senior Assistant Director - Intramurals, Assistant Director - Sports Clubs & Assistant Director - Fitness/Wellness.
  • Sports & Media — Hosted by the Texas Program in Sports & Media, this panel will explore media in American sports. The discussion will be led by the Program Director for the Texas Program in Sports & Media.
  • Doping in Sport & Society - Learn how performance-enhancing drugs by athletes affects sports and athletic competition. The Co-Directors and Assistant Director for Academic Affairs from the H.J. Lutcher Stark Center will lead the discussion.
  • Internationalizing an Athletic Brand - Understand the collaboration between UT Athletics & the International Office to promote the university’s brand worldwide. Panelists will include the Vice Provost for International Programs, Men's Athletic Director, and Women's Director & Senior Associate Director for External Services.

No sports program would be complete without some fun athletic outings such as:

Immersing yourself in U.S. culture is a critical component of experiencing international exchange. You’ll have the chance to engage in cultural activities including: