Academic & Professional Development in Finance Program

Welcome to the Academic & Professional Development in Finance Program! During the four-week program, students will engage in dynamic and holistic activities designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Expand knowledge in the areas of business finance and international financial reporting through academic courses.
  • Develop networking skills through planned event to engage with students, faculty and local professionals.
  • Attend site visits to Austin businesses and other relevant sites for experiential learning opportunities.
  • Develop marketable skills through a series of professional development seminars.
  • Develop leadership skills through leadership development workshops.
  • Participate in cultural enrichment activities to engage in the university, local, and regional communities

We are confident that our unique combination of academic and community resources along with a diverse body of educators and advocates will foster a rich learning environment for your summer experience!

Disclaimer: We encourage applications from students in any year of study from any academic discipline but recommend they have fundamental knowledge in finance & accounting to be successful in this program. Admission to this non-credit bearing program does not guarantee nor establish formal admission to a degree program at The University of Texas at Austin. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the program.

Applications Now Open

Come take part in this exciting summer opportunity in Austin. Application closes April 19, 2017!

You will enroll in two courses to enrich your understanding of business energy and energy technology:

  • Applied Business Finance
    • Instructor: Kelly Kamm, Ph.D, Senior Lecturer, Department of Finance, McCombs School of Business
    • Course Objective: to improve students’ skills at analyzing companies and to advance their knowledge of finance theory and application.
    • Course Description: The overall financial analysis will include: bond valuation, financial statement analysis, financial ratios, financial forecasting, beta and the CAPM, the weighted average cost of capital, the Gordon Growth model, discounted cash flow analysis and multiples. Weekly topics covered will include investing in U.S. stocks, analyzing companies, managing growth, mergers and investment evaluation.
  • International Finance Reporting
    • Instructor: Jay Thibodeaux, CPA – Associate Professor of Accounting, Austin Community College
    • Course Objective: To develop knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards including the standards’ history, new standard adoption, the recording of financial transactions, and financial statement presentation.
    • Course Description: Topics of this course include IASB history, standards and framework; convergence process, publically available resources, financial statements, inventories, accounting policies, etc. In addition to the above topics, the contrast between US GAAP and IFRS will be discussed.

In addition to coursework, you will participate in a series of seminars designed to develop marketable skills for a successful career. Potential topics include cultural analysis, English for business settings, resume writing and interviewing techniques.

Leadership Development Workshops will help you explore various themes surrounding leadership and engagement. The workshops will be facilitated by faculty and staff in the UT Leadership and Ethics Institute (LEI). Proposed topics include: Identifying your Leadership Style, Ethical Leadership, Branding Yourself on Social Media, and Goal Setting.

After classes, you will participate in site visits to Austin businesses, organizations, and energy-related entities to supplement the course material and provide you with the opportunity to engage and learn from local professionals in the energy sector. The site visits, four in total, will be carefully planned and arranged by the course faculty member and International Office staff. UT staff also will conduct a debriefing and reflection session after each visit to facilitate the learning and application process.

Immersing in U.S. cultural and social experiences is a crucial element for any international exchange. Past program participants have remarked to International Office staff that they had come to the United States with many stereotypes about the U.S. people and culture and that after participating in our program, the majority of the stereotypes that they held had been shattered. You will have the opportunity to better understand American culture and the way in which Americans live through a variety of fun and educational experiences including:

Program Dates

The 2017 program dates are:

  • Arrival - June 1
  • Orientation - June 2
  • Program End - July 1
  • Departure - July 2

Program Fee

The 2017 Program Fee is $3,800 USD (minimum 15 participants) / $3170 USD if housing not needed. The fee includes:

  • Transportation from/to the Austin Airport
  • Orientation
  • UT ID Card
    • Capital Metro Transportation Pass
    • Library Access
  • International Student Health Insurance
  • Course Tuition, Fees & Materials
  • Professional Development Seminars
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Site Visits
  • Cultural Excursions
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Group Dinners
  • Transportation to Program & Events
  • Housing
    • Bedding & Linens
    • High Speed Internet & Wi-Fi
    • Utilities
  • Dedicated International Office Staff

Additional Expenses

(Not covered by Program Fee)

  • Airfare
  • Visa
  • Daily Meals
  • Personal Expenses

Optional Expenses

If you have any questions about the program, contact us at

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