Bundeswehr Summer at UT

Welcome to all our students from Universität der Bundeswehr München! This is one of UT’s longest running special programs and will expose you to interdisciplinary educational and cultural opportunities to further your knowledge of U.S. history and culture.

As a program participant, you can audit two courses from fields of study such as those below. If you’re interested in an area of knowledge outside these disciplines, please email bundeswehr@austin.utexas.edu. We can help you explore further course options.


  • The American President
  • Global Justice
  • Politics of New Democracies
  • Politics of Ethnicity and Nationalism


  • Microeconomic Theory
  • Macroeconomic Theory
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Health Economics

European Studies

  • Globalization
  • Women and the Holocaust
  • Italian Renaissance, 1350 – 1550

American Studies

  • Pop Music, Race, and U.S. South
  • Tragicomedy of American Democracy

In the spring, UT International Office staff contacts participants via email with instructions on creating an EID and requests course preferences. Participants must select courses that have an ‘s’ in front of the course number (ie: ACC s380K); this indicates that the course is offered during the 2nd session of summer school (the session during which participants will be in Austin). Participants will not register for courses but instead will audit them; International Office staff will assist with this process. Search for courses to audit in the summer 2018 Course Schedule (available April 2018) and learn about how to read the course schedule.

Make sure your course times do not conflict with each other. Also, please select back-up choices in case you are not able to obtain your first choice.

To comprehend a different culture, you have to experience it. We’ve assembled many unique, authentic American and Texan experiences for program participants including:

  • Tackling a team-building low and high ropes course
  • Hiking and exploring Enchanted Rock and Fredericksburg, TX.
  • Ridin’ and ropin’ like a cowherd at Silver Spur Guest Ranch
  • Conquering the paintball course at Austin Paintball
  • Enjoying a Round Rock Express Baseball game in RoundRock, TX.
  • Watching the largest urban bat colony emerge on a Sunset Bat Cruise


  • Arrival: July 12
  • Orientation: July 13
  • First Day Class: July 16, 2018
  • Last Class Day: August 17, 2018


$5050 Program Fee includes

  • Housing
  • Roundtrip Airport Transportation
  • Orientation & Campus Tour
  • City Bus Tour
  • Two Audited Courses
  • UT Receration SPorts Membership
  • Full Use of Campus Ammenities
  • UT ID Card
  • Capital Metro Transportation Pass
  • Room & Board
  • Cultural & Educational Excursions
  • Team Building Activities
  • Transportation to & from Events
  • Dedicated UT International Office Staff

Additional Expenses

  • Airfare
  • Personal Expenses

As armed forces personnel, you should be exempt from passport and visa requirements under a NATO agreement. However, you will still need your German passport for ID verification at UT and on military bases. Upon arrival to the U.S. you will need to present your official Military ID Card & NATO travel orders for entry into the country.

The International Office partnered with Simply International to provide housing at a complex very close to campus (walkable to classes). More details to come.

As part of the campus community, you will be eligible to eat at UT's numerous on-campus dining facilities. Jester City Limits, Jester City Market, J2, Cypress Bend and the Littlefield Patio Cafe will all be open during summer 2018. Consult Housing & Food Service's summer schedule for hours of operation and a map of the locations. Cash & credit cards are accepted at all dining facilities.

Your designated program coordinator is Krystle Haney. You can read more about her on her bio page and contact her at:

Krystle Haney

Access more information :
Health and Safety
Life in Austin
Preparing for UT