Pick from a range of internship programs designed to immerse you in the local culture and expose you to global business and industry practices through part-time or full-time internships abroad.

What you need to know:

  • Most students intern at local companies or organizations abroad.
  • You can intern during the summer or semester.
  • You can pair academic coursework with a part-time internship or pursue a full-time internship placement.
  • Not all internship programs offer academic credit.
  • Most program do not have foreign language requirements.
  • Internships are usually unpaid.


Summer Internship Programs

Browse credit-bearing programs abroad that combine internships with summer coursework, or explore a full-time credit-eligible internship in cities around the world.

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Semester Internship Programs

Check out these credit-bearing programs abroad that combine internships with academic coursework during fall, spring, maymesters, or an academic year abroad. 

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Internship opportunities may be available to you beyond what is listed here. Contact the coordinator for your region of interest to discuss your academic and professional goals.