Texas Tomorrow Fund

You can use your Texas Tomorrow Funds (TTF) toward tuition expenses associated with your study abroad program. Applying Texas Tomorrow Funds varies by the type of study abroad program you choose.

How do I apply the Texas Tomorrow Funds (TTF) to my study abroad program if I am paying UT-tuition?

If you are on an exchange or faculty-led program, you can apply your Texas Tomorrow Funds to pay for the UT tuition portion of your program. Application of the Texas Tomorrow Funds will be handled by Student Accounts Receivable.

I am paying non-UT tuition rates for my study abroad program. How do I apply my TTF?

If you are on an affiliated program (registered at UT but not paying UT tuition rates), your Texas Tomorrow Funds request will be processed by the International Office. Contact your Study Abroad Program Coordinator for instructions on how to apply your TTF to an affiliated program. For Affiliated programs, tuition costs must be paid upfront and TTF will be issued as a reimbursement.

The reimbursement rate is determined by the Texas Tomorrow Funds at a set amount per credit hour (per Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan) for each academic year and will actually pay out a lesser amount than when the student is attending classes at UT (in Austin). This is an important consideration for the student to make when determining whether to apply his/her Texas Tomorrow Funds for an affiliated study abroad program or save hours in the Texas Tomorrow Funds for future classes taken in Austin (paying UT tuition rates).

What expenses do the TTF cover for study abroad programs?

For exchange programs the TTF only pays for UT tuition and not any costs incurred in country. Additionally, it will not pay for the $500 Reciprocal Exchange Fee. For UT faculty-led programs the Texas Tomorrow Funds only pays for UT tuition and does not reimburse the cost of the program fee or the $600 affiliated studies fee. For affiliated (non-UT tuition) programs, the Texas Tomorrow Funds will only apply towards the tuition portion of the program fee at the established rate.

When can I expect to receive my funds if the International Office is processing my request for Affiliated Studies?

Semester abroad Request sent to TTF Check from TTF Check to student
Fall 12th class day Mid October Late October
Spring 12th class day Mid March Late March
Summer I 4th class day Mid July Late July
Summer II 4th class day Mid August Late August

How much money will I be reimbursed for if I am participating in an affiliated program?

The reimbursement rate for the current academic year, along with each student’s personal Texas Tomorrow Funds account information/balance, can be found at http://www.tgtp.org.

Why do I have to wait so long to receive my reimbursement if I am participating in affiliated studies?

The International Office must wait until after the official enrollment count day at UT (12th class day for fall/spring, 4th class day for summer) before processing a Texas Tomorrow Funds request. It then takes approximately four to six weeks for UT to receive the funds on the student’s behalf from the Texas Tomorrow Fund.

Why am I receiving less money per credit hour for the non-UT tuition reimbursement versus the UT tuition payment through the Student Accounts Receivable office?

When a student is attending a study abroad program, but not paying UT tuition rates, the Texas Tomorrow Funds agrees to pay a reimbursement rate per credit hour as described on the Texas Tomorrow Funds official website.

How will I receive the funds?

Students participating in exchange and faculty-led programs will have their tuition bill paid in the same way as if the student were in Austin. Students participating in affiliated programs will receive the reimbursement either via direct deposit or a check mailed to their local address.

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