Information for Faculty and Advisors

At UT Austin, we believe study abroad is an important part of each student's academic experience. As faculty and advisors, you are crucial to making sure students know about the value of study abroad and the many opportunities available to them. Find out how you can support global academic experiences through the resources below.

Get Involved

Invite study abroad program coordinators and students to present to your class, join the conversation on social media, encourage your students to take their education abroad or work with your department to host a fair specific to majors.

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Initiate a Faculty Led Program

We collaborate with faculty across campus on 25-30 faculty-led programs each year. Faculty and departments can propose to obtain assistance from our office in operating a program abroad, or can seek approval from their college and dean to operate a program independently from our office.

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Resources for Departmentally Administered Programs

In order to assist departments in creating and running study abroad programs, the International Office has created a UTBox with resources for faculty and program coordinators. This UTBox is a working document, updated often with new information and tools to assist you.

Create a Culture of Safety

Our Global Risk & Safety team is here to help faculty and students prepare for health and safety considerations hile abroad. Find information about restricted regions, planning for emergencies, student conduct expectations and more to help you before and while on your faculty led program.

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Request a Presentation

Study Abroad program coordinators and peer advisors can come to your class or student organization meeting to talk about why everyone should study abroad, the programs that are available and how international experience can give students a competitive edge in their careers.

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Course Length, Credit and Grade Reporting

Faculty members teaching courses abroad must comply with Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) regulations. (Title 19, Part 1, Chapter 4, Subchapter A, Rule 4.6). These rules state, " To ensure the quality of student learning, institutions should not allow students to carry more courses in any term (that is, regular or shortened semester), which would allow them to earn more than one semester credit hour per week over the course of the term. For example, in a five and a half week summer term, students should not generally be allowed to enroll for more than six semester credit hours."

Faculty are responsible for working with their department and the Office of the Registrar to ensure compliance. The International Office may intervene if a program is found to be out of compliance. Additionally, faculty are responsible for submitting grades in a timely manner in compliance with standards and procedures set by the Office of the Registrar.

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Contracts and Agreements

The International Office assists academic units in establishing and maintaining contracts that directly support student mobility for academic credit. We work collaboratively with colleges, schools and departments to establish Reciprocal Exchanges, Affiliations with third party program providers, and Customized Program Agreements for faculty-led programs, internships and service learning. We recommend that faculty interested in these types of partnerships contact us before completing any paperwork.

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Research and Articles

For more information about the impact of study abroad and curriculum integration, check out the following studies and reports: