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Study abroad at UT is about more than broadening your view beyond the Forty Acres, the State of Texas or the United States. Study abroad is not just a field trip or a quick tour. Study abroad challenges students academically, provides students with opportunities to connect and engage in a different culture and incorporates profound lessons outside the classroom to equip students with the tools to take on the world's most pressing issues.

The Study Abroad team is guided by our commitment to promoting access to study, research, internships and experiential learning abroad. We are committed to reducing financial and academic barriers and to removing disparities among study abroad participants. We accomplish this by collaborating with the faculty and staff on our campus and partners throughout the world. Partnerships are the foundation of our success. Along with our academic colleagues and our affiliated partners, we are committed to providing pathways for students to participate in education abroad through curriculum integration, innovative programs, and targeted scholarship programs which serve students and the University.

We know that many students face academic, financial and other obstacles to study abroad. That's why we've built more than 400 programs across the world to provide an array of options for students of all different budgets, fields of study, language proficiencies and GPAs. We’ve developed relationships with other institutions and organizations that enable us to continue to innovate programs that serve even more students. We are committed to finding solutions to make study abroad accessible to everyone.

With over 3,000 Longhorns abroad each year, UT Austin sends the third highest number of students abroad each year among all universities in the United States, and among the highest number of students abroad each year among US public universities.

Beyond the numbers, we're also known for innovation and excellence in study abroad. UT Austin was recognized in 2014 with the Senator Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization by the Association of International Educators for our First Abroad Initiative, focused on increasing access to study abroad for first-generation college students.

We say "what starts here changes the world." And through study abroad, we make it happen. Among innovative programs, creative partnerships, abundant scholarships and a staff dedicated to helping smooth the way for students who want to study abroad, we’re here to help open the path to global citizenship.

Study Abroad Statistics

Want to know more about where students study, what majors they represent and other details about study abroad at UT? We've got reports on student mobility abroad by year and by region.



Staff List

Our study abroad staff are experts in international education with years of experience traveling, living and working abroad combined with a passion for helping students find the perfect fit for their goals.




With 400+ programs and numerous partners, we have options for every major, interest, language, budget, schedule, and subject. Some departments and schools also offer their own customized study abroad programs.