Tips for Completing Essays

Many programs admit students based heavily on the essay statements. Take time to put some thought and grammar check into your essays.

Essay Questions

Essay A: What are your academic goals? How will studying on this specific course complement these goals? Please consider both the content and location of the program's course(s).

Essay B: What are your personal and professional goals? How will studying on this specific program complement these goals?

Essay Writing Tips

  • No more than 250 words each.
  • The audience is the faculty director and Study Abroad program coordinator.
  • Avoid general statements like, “I want to study abroad to broaden my horizons."
  • Make connections to the program location and course content.
  • Address your motivation, goals and preparedness to study abroad.
  • Focus on specific examples to illustrate your essay's points.
  • Utilize the Undergraduate Writing Center or the UT Learning Center.
  • Type the essays in a word processing program (e.g. Microsoft Word), then copy and paste them into the online application.