Getting Credit

Students collaborate with Program Coordinators and the Study Abroad Credit Team to have all credit from an official UT Austin study abroad program evaluated. Every effort is made to assist students in applying their study abroad credit directly to degree requirements.

Even though Program Coordinators will advise on the credit process, ultimately the responsibility lies with the student.

Students are responsible for:

  • Providing the Study Abroad Credit Team with potential courses not evaluated for UT credit he or she plans to take abroad, as well as syllabi/course descriptions (if available).
  • Completing the Course Verification Form in the SAO Portal on the Away Menu (to be done from abroad)
  • Completing the Course Description Form(s) (as necessary)


ONE: Seek advice from your academic advisor on courses you should take while abroad. 

TWO:  Attend Study Abroad Advising, bring a copy of your degree audit, a list of potential courses you may take while abroad, and descriptions or syllabi of these courses (if available) with you to this advising session. Your Study Abroad Program Coordinator will advise you on the credit process.   Some or all of the courses may have already been evaluated. To find out if a course has been previously evaluated:

  • Check the course equivalencies in the My Credit Abroad (MyCA) online database. 
  • If one or more of your courses are NOT listed in MyCA, you will need to submit a syllabus from the course to the Study Abroad Credit Team in order to request a new course evaluation. In some cases, when a syllabus is not available or has insufficient course information, you will be asked to provide additional course materials.


ONE: Course Verification Form (download form)

When the student arrives in the host country and has successfully registered for a full course load – 12 hours semester / 6-9 hours summer – then the student must complete the Course Verification Form (downloaded from MY SAO), have it signed by the on-site program director and email it back to your UT Program Coordinator. This step must be completed by the deadline set by your program coordinator.

TWO: Course Syllabus and/or Course Description Form (Only for courses that have not been previously evaluated prior to departure.)

Students must provide a syllabus in order to request an evaluation of a course. In the absence of a syllabus with sufficient information, students should complete a Course Description Form (downloaded from MY SAO). The syllabus and/or Course Description Form should be emailed to the Study Abroad Credit Team by the end of the first month of classes at the institution overseas.

Affiliated Grades: Credits from affiliated programs are posted by the Graduate and International Admissions Center (GIAC), to the transfer credit section of the official UT transcript. Courses and actual grades will appear. Students must make a C- or better for credit to be given. However, the grades do not compute into the official GPA. In most cases, grades recorded on transcripts from affiliates have already been converted from the foreign mark or grade to the American letter grade system.  Students on affiliated studies programs may not elect for any of their credit from abroad to be posted as Pass/Fail (see GIAC rule on transfer credit).

Reciprocal Exchange Grades: Credit from exchange programs are posted by the Office of the Registrar to the official UT transcript. Courses and grades will appear. Grades compute into the official GPA. Transcripts from exchange universities are received by the Program Coordinator.  The SAO, under authorization from the Provost, transcribes the grades from the foreign grading system to the UT letter grade system for each course taken abroad.  Students must take all courses abroad for a letter grade. However, students wishing to take a course pass/fail must inform his/her Program Coordinator in writing by the date marking 60% of course completion following the start of the academic session (course start date) in the host country. The numbers of pass/fail courses allowed per semester or per degree are set by the student’s college or school.

All students must complete a program evaluation on Abroad 101 upon return to Austin. Coordinators will guide students on the process. Once the official transcript from the program has been received the student should ensure that their credit will be posted to their official UT transcript within one long semester.  Students should contact the Study Abroad Credit Team with any questions pertaining to their credit. 

It is not always possible for a student to graduate the same semester they are abroad or the semester immediately upon return. This is because there will be a delay in UT receiving your transcript from your study abroad program in time for your abroad credit to be posted to your official UT academic record. Some UT colleges and schools require all abroad coursework to be posted to the student’s official academic record before submitting the Application for Graduation. If you are concerned about graduating during your semester abroad or the semester immediately following your return you should discuss this with both your Study Abroad Program Coordinator and an Academic Advisor in your college or school’s Dean’s Office.

Semester Abroad Transcript Arrives at UT Application for Graduation Deadline
Fall Mid February- early April mid March – early April (for Spring graduation)
Spring Late summer – early fall mid July (for Summer graduation)
Summer Early fall mid October – early Nov. (for Fall graduation)


Due to this policy we strongly encourage students who study abroad their last semester at UT to review the procedure for In Absentia Graduation/Registration with an advisor in their Dean’s office.

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