Mexico Initiative


Greg Fenves Visits Mexico City

“Mexico is our closest neighbor and one of our largest academic international partners. Our research partnerships with Mexico are essential to advancing knowledge and fostering discovery in many fields. UT has educated thousands of Mexican students, many of whom have become leaders in their communities and professions. And many UT Austin students have deepened their educations by studying in Mexico. These ties are vital to our ambitions as a leading research university.”

- Gregory L. Fenves, president of The University of Texas at Austin


Strengthen Relationships Among University Leadership and Staff

In January 2016, UT Austin President Gregory L. Fenves led a delegation of more than 40 university leaders, faculty and staff on an official visit to Mexico City, the largest delegation from the university to ever travel to a foreign country. President Fenves expressed why he believes UT Austin should be in Mexico and vice versa in an op-ed publicized across Texas. The International Office was instrumental in planning the delegation and is following up on action items, including an annual staff exchange with the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.

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Increase Study Abroad Participation

As part of our commitment to Generation Study Abroad and doubling study abroad mobility to Latin America, UT Austin is actively encouraging students to choose to study, intern or research in Mexico by creating additional opportunities and conducting targeted marketing campaigns. We have introduced new faculty-led study abroad programs, internship opportunities, and service learning through Projects with Underserved Communities.

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Implement Targeted International Graduate Student Recruitment

By working with our peer institutions in Mexico, we are building the presence and reputation of The University of Texas at Austin to increase the number of high-achieving Mexican students who select UT Austin for their graduate study and research. As an added incentive, admitted students with demonstrated financial need from Mexico can also apply for a waiver of the non-resident through the Tuition Assistance for Mexican Students (TAMS) program.


Prepare UT Undergraduate Students for Professional Success

Global Professional Training - Mexico prepares UT undergraduate students for the global workforce by providing a culture and practical training on how to live and work abroad. The focus on Mexico helps strengthen ties between UT and Mexico by actively training future UT alumni, leveraging relationships we have in Mexico and on campus, encourages a sense of community among domestic undergraduate students and international students from Mexico and showcases Mexico as a desirable study abroad destination.

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Expand English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs

More than 130 Mexican students participate in our English as a Second Language programs each year and the International Office has partnered with various Mexican public and private partners, including the Mexican/American Fulbright Commission (COMEXUS) and Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP), to create customized intensive English as a Foreign Language teacher training institutes and English Language and Culture immersion programs. Our commitment to the Proyecta 100,000 which complements the US 100,000 Strong in the Americas remains a driving factor in growing our ESL programs in Mexico.

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Design Customized Programs for Students and Professionals from Mexico

Through the Global Academy, the International Office designs comprehensive programs for educational institutions, private corporations and public entities according to their needs and interests. We have recently introduced a number of customized programs specifically for our partners in Mexico, including Professional Development in Accounting, TEC Ambassador Program, Teacher Training Institute and a professional staff exchange program with ITESM. Expanding these programs will allow us to increase opportunities for collaboration outside of those available to matriculated students.

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Grow Alumni Engagement Opportunities

The Texas Exes Mexico City Chapter is the largest and most active international chapter in the world. The International Office is working with the Texas Exes, the University Development Office and the President's Office to engage more with UT alumni in Mexico. During the Presidential delegation to Mexico in early 2016, more than 300 alumni in Mexico attended a special event hosted at the home of the US Ambassador to Mexico. Later in June, the Mexico City Texas Exes hosted a group of 21 study abroad students at their annual barbecue.

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Pursue Cross-Disciplinary Grants

The International Office is leveraging interdisciplinary grant opportunities to promote campus collaboration and develop additional opportunities for students and faculty. This approach has and will continue to support greater collaboration between UT Austin and our peers in Mexico. For example, the International Office partnered with the Jackson School of Geosciences and the Universidad Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) on an undergraduate research program which was funded by the Partners of the Americas. The program provides scholarships to students from UNAM to come to UT Austin and Longhorns to travel to Mexico to conduct research.

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