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  For Jessica Ellis, a senior majoring in biology, every day and every experience during her study abroad in India shaped her.  The biggest takeaways from study abroad are different for everyone, but no one comes home the same. Studying abroad is… Read more

All of us at the International Office are proud to lead international education at The University of Texas at Austin and grateful to those who help make it possible. Together with our partners on campus and beyond, we provide global experiences that… Read more

When you think about Austin, there are a few common themes that come to mind and entrepreneurship is usually at the top of the list. Not only is our city a powerful player on the startup scene, our university is a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity… Read more

  We're honoring international education by hosting a variety of events on and off campus exclusively for students, scholars, faculty and staff at The University of Texas at Austin. Join us to celebrate campus internationalization, global learning… Read more

The vast campus, large buildings, and sprawling landscape at The University of Texas at Austin can be overwhelming. Learning to navigate the Forty Acres and memorizing the acronyms and building names is hard enough. Imagine tackling all the normal… Read more

Not even the Great Wall of China can stop LaShawn Washington. Despite breaking and dislocating her ankle after visiting the world heritage site, Washington's adventurous spirit and enthusiasm for learning about new languages and cultures allowed her… Read more

For Ivete Lucas, film serves as a platform that allows her to communicate with people. “It is easier to understand,” she states.   Lucas, who now spends most of her time on the road, is a Latina film director, producer, and editor. She was born in… Read more

We know you have amazing photographs and videos from your study abroad experience. Share them with us and win! Finalists will be selected to win awesome prizes, plus the chance to be featured on the hero image of the International Office website and… Read more

Unforgettable, captivating, and eye-opening. That’s how Rose Yeh describes her study abroad experience in Chile.   Yeh, a graduating senior, participated in the International Office’s Latin America Initiative. The goal of this program is to double… Read more

India is often described as colorful and chaotic, busy and fast-paced—a symphony of street sounds. Yet, what impressed Texas alumna Jean St. Clair the most was the welcoming spirit. "People were so open and giving in general," she describes.  The… Read more

  Anyone who walked into the room would have thought that everyone inside had known each other for years. But in reality, it was the first time that most of them had met. On a balmy night in July, more than 250 people came together to celebrate… Read more

Knowledge crosses borders, and if carried by a true leader, it can reach even the smallest communities on the other side of the globe. Born in Bloemfontein, South Africa, Yabela Dlali, is the founder and CEO of YDT Group, a financial company that… Read more

A traditional African proverb states that "it takes a village to raise a child." But what happens when you add a little bit of technology? Esra Kavetu's combines both through the educational initiative that he has developed in rural areas of Namibia… Read more

No university education is complete without adequate preparation for a career in the globalized economy. The International Office has offered hundreds of students just that: tangible and practical training for professions that traverse international… Read more

At first, you can’t see much through the windows. You focus instead on the small screens scattered about the train’s compartments. Curious commercials flash across them in a language you don’t understand and selling goods you’re not familiar with.… Read more