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AUSTIN, Texas—The University of Texas Austin is proud to be included on the list of U.S. colleges and universities that produced the most 2018-2019 Fulbright U.S. Students. Sixteen students and recent graduates from UT Austin received Fulbright… Read more

Studying abroad impacts students in many ways. For international relations junior Ethan Jewell, his first experience abroad put him on a new path and paved the way for more international opportunities – including five study abroad programs in all.… Read more

Moving to a new country for the first time can leave international students feeling out of place. But after four years at UT, alumna Diana Ayoub learned to “make the most out of being lost.”  Originally from Egypt, Ayoub was a recipient of the… Read more

Alejandra Hernandez recently earned her engineering degree in December and the International Office’s English as a Second Language program helped make her dream a reality.  Hernandez’s journey  started in  a small town near Leon  Guanajato,  Mexico… Read more

Feliciano Perez’s decision to study abroad was driven by his ambitions to improve healthcare for marginalized immigrant communities.  As a biology, sociology and pre-med student, Perez believes that doctors can share ideas with medical… Read more

While students on campus wrap up finals and projects, our study abroad students are getting ready to conclude an unforgettable semester in another country. With the help of this semester’s Global Ambassadors, we’ve been able to share their… Read more

Alumnus Shinichi Iimura believes in the potential of UT’s global impact and is paying it forward to help future international students succeed academically. Iimura was an international student at UT studying civil engineering and computer science.… Read more

London may be a busy, cosmopolitan and touristy city, but for journalism student Brianna Rodriguez, it was a temporary home that allowed her to grow personally, academically and professionally. Her experience studying abroad in London and interning… Read more

A village in India needs a learning center. A community in Mexico needs a more efficient way to produce mesquite flour. An elementary school in Thailand needs clean water, and another one lacks a proper kitchen to provide students with meals safely… Read more

At The University of Texas at Austin, we know what starts here changes the world. But before Longhorns become global leaders, they have to first know the world by experiencing new cultures, languages and histories.   International education is more… Read more

Yenibel Ruiz Mirabal is a force of nature. When someone speaks to her, she leans in and nods, listening closely before firing her follow-up questions. She cares deeply about what others have to say. When she speaks, she’s thinking about many things… Read more

In an ever-changing globalized world, students need tools to be competent global citizens. Part of that preparation includes understanding the ins and outs of living and working in different regions throughout the world.   On Oct. 20 and 21, the… Read more

Just like NASA’s successful mission to the moon was a collaborative effort involving engineers from other countries, aerospace engineering student Anthony Carreon believes in the importance of expanding his worldview to set himself apart in an… Read more

This year, English as a Second Language Services welcomed four outstanding students from Mexico to participate in the Jóvenes de Excelencia (Excellent Youth) program. Funded by Citibanamex bank, Mexico’s leading financial firm, the program grants… Read more

Augustino Agbemavo may be a young professional, but he is not a rookie in the business. When he was 17, he created a library in his community in Benin because the closest library was more than 30 kilometers away. “Our region holds the highest… Read more