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UT Austin International Office Global Risk and Safety

International Oversight Committee


The International Oversight Committee (IOC), appointed by the President, has been established to develop guidelines and formulate policies to maintain the health and safety of University of Texas at Austin students, faculty and staff who study or conduct research and/or business internationally. The IOC is chaired by the Vice Provost for International Programs and reports to the Provost.  Committee members consist of representatives from across campus, including academic leaders, faculty members and international travel and risk specialists. The committee meets each semester as required to review and discuss policies.

IOC Members

  1. Vice Provost for International Programs (Chair)
  2. International Risk Analyst
  3. Director, Travel Management Services
  4. Assistant Deputy to the President
  5. Representative, Office of the Vice President for Research
  6. Representative, Office of the Dean of Students
  7. Representative, Graduate School
  8. Representative, School of Undergraduate Studies
  9. Representative, College of Liberal Arts

IOC Advisory Council

  1. Associate Vice President for Campus Safety and Security
  2. Director, Study Abroad
  3. Representative, Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs
  4. Representative, University Health Services
  5. Representative, UT System Office of Risk Management

The IOC is charged with assessing levels of risk in countries or regions with significant health or safety concerns and where University-related programs and travel are occurring or proposed. The IOC is dedicated to preserving academic freedom and the University's robust research agenda, while remaining committed to the safety of the University's students, faculty and staff. Therefore, it is in consultation with international scholars across campus and experts in the field of international risk and safety that the IOC addresses University travel to high risk areas.

IOC Memorandums

Click on the following link to view the University of Texas at Austin’s Travel Policy to Restricted Regions.

Please direct all questions or concerns regarding the International Oversight Committee or the UT Travel Policy to Restricted Regions to: