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Filing a U.S. Resident Tax Return

International Student & Scholar Services is equipped to assist only those classified as "nonresident alien for tax purposes." We are not able to assist those considered "resident aliens for tax purposes." To determine whether you are a resident alien or nonresident alien for tax purposes, please use GLACIER Tax Prep. Those considered resident aliens for tax purposes follow almost all of the same tax rules and are granted the same tax benefits as those given to U.S. citizens. 

How to file a U.S. Resident tax return

If you will be filing a resident return for the first time and would like assistance, then find local Austin assistance for guidance:

If you are ready to file your return, there are several options:

  • Consult the IRS Free File website to choose the free tax software that will best help you file your taxes electronically.
  • Purchase a professional tax software program available online and in stores or consult a paid tax professional


Claiming a tax treaty on a resident return

The tax treaty between the U.S & China allows for the tax treaty to be claimed on resident returns. There are certain limitations. Find out more to see if you are eligible.


Electing to file on a resident return

Determine your eligibility to file on a resident return.