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ISSS has purchased a license agreement for the GLACIER Tax Prep software to assist you and your dependents prepare nonresident alien U.S. tax returns. GLACIER Tax Prep is able to provide the following services:

  • Determine your U.S tax residency status
  • Determine eligible tax deductions, credits, and allowances
  • Review eligibility to claim tax treaty benefits
  • Calculate tax refund or tax due to the IRS
  • Prepare all required federal tax returns, statements, and forms for both the student/scholar and their dependents.

Before logging into GLACIER Tax Prep, make sure you have the following items:

  • Any income tax documents you received for 2015 (Form W-2, Form 1042-S, etc.)
  • Passport
  • Copy of last year's nonresident tax return, if you filed a return
  • A tax filing number (either ITIN or SSN) for both yourself and any dependents you wish to claim on your tax return.
    • Note: only students from Mexico, India, Canada, and South Korea are able to claim their dependents on their tax returns under very specific circumstances.

Please make sure you have all your 2015 income documents before starting GTP to avoid filing your taxes incorrectly. You will receive income forms only for the income types you received in 2015. For example, if you did not receive a scholarship in 2015, then you will not receive Form 1042-S. If you did not have a job with wages in 2015, then you will not receive Form W-2, etc.

GLACIER Tax Prep can be accessed in two ways:

1. Through the GLACIER software (click the logo to access GLACIER):

glacier tax prep

This method is for those who with active GLACIER account with UT Austin, which usually includes international students and scholars who are:

  • are employed by UT Austin
  • have received a scholarship from UT Austin and have a SSN or ITIN

Once inside the GLACIER system, click on the “Complete my U.S. tax return using GLACIER Tax Prep.”


2. Creating an account with GLACIER Tax Prep directly:

glacier tax prep

In order to create an account with GLACIER Tax Prep or access GLACIER Tax Prep for a new tax year, you must first obtain the access code. Please note that you must have a valid UT EID and password to view the access code.

Enter the access code into GLACIER Tax Prep and then create your new account with GLACIER Tax Prep. 

Those with existing GLACIER Tax Prep accounts can log in directly to GLACIER Tax Prep.