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Nonresident Taxes

Overview of Taxes in the US

As an international student or scholar, much of your U.S.-sourced income is subject to taxation. It is a federal obligation to file a tax return if you earned U.S.-sourced income as nonresident alien. A tax return is a compilation of various tax forms that compares what an international student or scholar paid in taxes against what the U.S. government calculates the student/scholar should have paid in taxes during the prior calendar year.

There are two different tax statuses for an international student or scholar: resident alien for tax purposes and nonresident alien for tax purposes. Please note that these tax statuses are not the same as your current immigration status or your Texas residency. These tax statuses are significant because they determine what U.S. tax laws you will follow.

Tax Assistance

International Student & Scholar Services is able to provide assistance for filing nonresident U.S. tax returns.
 This web site will help you:

  • Understand the filing instructions
  • Prepare and print your own federal tax returns through GLACIER Tax Prep
  • Answer general questions regarding nonresident taxes

Please select where you need assistance:

Tax Questions?

If you have a tax question, look for the answer in askUS!