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Immigration Briefing & Check-In

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Immigration Briefing & Check In | International Student Orientation & Events | Executive Programs

We look forward to welcoming you to the United States and The University of Texas at Austin. Take a moment to review all that we have to offer to help you settle in to life and study at UT Austin. The first step in this process is the Immigration Briefing & Check In (IBC).

Who needs to attend IBC?

All incoming students to UT Austin who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents upon applying for admission to UT are classified by the university as international students. If you are a Texas Resident for tuition purposes, but are not a US citizen or US permanent resident, you are still classified as an international student.

For new students, your classification as an international student is represented in your Registration Information Sheet with an International “I” bar.

If you are returning to UT Austin after a leave of absence, you do not need to attend an IBC; however, contact International Student & Scholar Services for check-in instructions to remove your International "I" bar.

Why do I need to attend IBC?

IBC will provide you with information you need to know about your new life in Austin and at UT as an international student. You will learn about immigration, work eligibility in the US, forms of identication, and the health care system. After attending IBC, your International “I” bar will be removed from your record. You will not be able to register for classes until you have attended IBC.

What do I need to bring to IBC?

To have a speedy transition to UT bring these documents with you to your IBC session.

How do I sign up for IBC?

IBC appointments will be available on this website starting May 2016.

Undergraduate students - fall 2016 admits

All undergraduate students (freshman and transfer) are required to attend a UT Orientation session presented by New Student Services. IBC sessions take place during each Freshman Orientation, Transfer Orientation and August Orientation. The New Student Services website provides orientation dates and schedules for freshman and transfer students so you can see when IBC will take place during your session. When signing up for IBC, be sure to choose the IBC session that corresponds with your orientation dates. You will need to attend your academic advising appointment prior to attending IBC.

Sign up for an IBC appointment during June & July orientation sessions.

Sign up for an IBC appointment through August 19. For an IBC appointment after August 19, schedule your IBC appointment here.

Graduate students - summer & fall 2016 admits

In order to attend IBC and be able to register, graduate students must sign up for General IBC in June, July or August.

If you are admitted for summer 2016, sign up for an IBC appointment for June or July.

If you are admitted for fall 2016, sign up for an IBC appointment through August 19. For an IBC appointment after August 19, schedule your IBC appointment here.

Executive Program Students

Due to the nature of your programs, we have a page for program-specific instruction for IBC.

Reciprocal Exchange Students

If you are on a reciprocal exchange, you must sign up for the reciprocal exchange IBC before you can register for classes.

Sign up for an Exchange IBC appointment in August.

*If you are a reciprocal exchange student in the MBA & BBA programs, please attend your IBC session on August 15th, no sign-up necessary.