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Long Term Housing

On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing is available only to enrolled students at UT-Austin. While students are not required to live on campus, residence halls or dormitories are available for international students. These living facilities provide room and meals, which are served in a cafeteria. Priority is given to freshmen. Apply as early as possible (no later than May 1) as spaces are limited.

For on-campus housing, contact:

Division of Housing and Food Services
P.O. Box 7666
University Station, Austin, TX 78713-7666
Tel. (512) 471-3136
Fax (512) 471-9101

Off-Campus Housing

Private Dormitories

Though on-campus dormitory space is limited, the need for safe, convenient dormitory space in Austin is filled by several off-campus private dormitories. Though located "off" campus, private dormitories are quite near (in some cases, just across the street) from UT. Private dormitories room prices include a meal package.

Private Dorm Name Street Address Phone Number
The Castillian 2323 San Antonio (512) 478-9811
Dobie Center 2021 Guadalupe (512) 505-1000
Goodall-Wooten 2112 Guadalupe St. (512) 472-1343
Hardin House 2206 Rio Grande (512) 472-6717

Cooperative Houses

Cooperative houses are democratically-run residences, called "co-ops," in which occupants share cooking and cleaning responsibilities and share decision making about house policies and activities. Sometimes less expensive than other housing options, Co-ops provide an opportunity to meet a variety of people. For information contact:

Co-op Name Street Address Phone Number
College Houses, Inc. 1906 Pearl St. (512) 476-5678
Inter-Cooperative Council 2305 Nueces St (512) 476-1957
Austin Cooperatives Directory    

University Apartments

Officially affiliated with UT-Austin, the University Apartments are also known as "family housing". Family housing offers inexpensive off-campus UN-furnished apartments for single and married students and are available on a limited basis. University Apartments are limited to students who are enrolled full-time at UT-Austin.

For more information, see the University Apartments website

Private Apartments in Austin

Many privately owned apartments are available within walking distance of campus and on the UT shuttle bus or city bus routes. Some helpful tips to assist you in your housing search are as follows:

International Student Organizations

Many international student organizations assist students in finding long-term housing in Austin. To find out if there is a student organization that represents your home country or region, see the list of International Student Organizations at UT Austin.

Off-Campus Housing Guide

See UT Austin's Off-Campus Housing Guide


Check the “Classified” Section of the following local newspapers, and select “Central” Austin for addresses closer to the University of Texas at Austin:

Rental Signs

Walk or drive around neighborhoods near campus (north or west) looking for “For Rent” or “For Lease” signs.

Bus routes

For convenient bus routes and schedules, refer to Capital Metro and UT Shuttle Bus.

Apartment Locator Companies

Contact an Apartment Locator Service (apartments are usually rented in person, but apartment locator services may assist you before you arrive)
** The International Office does not endorse any particular apartment locator service.

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