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UT Austin International Office International Student and Scholar Services

Tuition and Emergency Cash Loans

There are two types of institutional loans that international students may access through the International Office in order to temporarily finance their studies:

  • Tuition Loan ($4,000 maximum)
  • Emergency Cash Loan ($500 maximum)

Eligibility Requirements for Tuition and Emergency Cash Loans:

  • Must be enrolled full-time (Undergraduate – 12 hrs; Graduate – 9 hrs)*
  • Must have a minimum 2.0 GPA if Undergraduate; 3.0 GPA if Graduate
  • Must not have any outstanding financial bars

*Note: Accommodations will be made for students enrolled in Dissertation/Thesis/Report, which fall below full-time enrollment.

Special Considerations

  • 4% interest will be charged annually per loan
  • Tuition Loans must be paid back to The University within three months of taking out the loan (two months if done during summer semester)
  • Emergency Cash Loans must be paid back to the University within one month of taking out the loan
  • Emergency Cash Loans can not be given if less than 30 days are remaining in the current semester
  • Repayment of a Tuition or Emergency Cash Loan is made to the Cashier’s Office, Room 4, Main Building
  • Failure to pay back a Tuition Loan or Emergency Cash Loan by the specified due date will result in a Financial Bar placed on the student’s record, which will prohibit grades/transcript/diploma issuance and registration for classes. In addition, the loan will be turned over to a collection agency
  • Extensions for loan repayment can not be requested

How to Apply for a Tuition Loan

Access the Tuition Loan web site via “What I Owe”  (link can be found at the student’s tuition and fee bill), select “Tuition Loan” and electronically sign the Promissory Loan Note. Further instructions will follow. Please note: Student must have a High Assurance EID in order to process an on-line Tuition Loan.


Visit the International Office during office hours to request a loan to be processed.

How to Apply for an Emergency Cash Loan

Call the International Office at (512) 471-2477 to request a cash loan to be processed.


Visit the International Office during office hours to request a cash loan to be processed.

For additional information regarding Tuition and Emergency Cash Loans, including contact information, please see the Student Accounts Receivable website.