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Tuition and Emergency Cash Loans

There are two types of institutional loans that international students may access through the International Office in order to temporarily finance their studies:

  • Tuition Loan ($4,000 maximum)
  • Emergency Cash Loan ($500 maximum)

Eligibility Requirements for Tuition and Emergency Cash Loans:

  • Must be enrolled full-time (Undergraduate – 12 hrs; Graduate – 9 hrs)*
  • Must have a minimum 2.0 GPA if Undergraduate; 3.0 GPA if Graduate
  • Must not have any outstanding financial bars

*Note: Accommodations will be made for students enrolled in Dissertation/Thesis/Report, which fall below full-time enrollment.

Special Considerations

  • 4% interest will be charged annually per loan
  • Tuition Loans must be paid back to The University within three months of taking out the loan (two months if done during summer semester)
  • Emergency Cash Loans must be paid back to the University within one month of taking out the loan
  • Emergency Cash Loans can not be given if less than 30 days are remaining in the current semester
  • Repayment of a Tuition or Emergency Cash Loan is made to the Cashier’s Office, Room 4, Main Building
  • Failure to pay back a Tuition Loan or Emergency Cash Loan by the specified due date will result in a Financial Bar placed on the student’s record, which will prohibit grades/transcript/diploma issuance and registration for classes. In addition, the loan will be turned over to a collection agency
  • Extensions for loan repayment can not be requested

How to Apply for a Tuition Loan

Access the Tuition Loan web site via “What I Owe”  (link can be found at the student’s tuition and fee bill), select “Tuition Loan” and electronically sign the Promissory Loan Note. Further instructions will follow. Please note: Student must have a High Assurance EID in order to process an on-line Tuition Loan.


Visit the International Office during office hours to request a loan to be processed.

How to Apply for an Emergency Cash Loan

Call the International Office at (512) 471-2477 to request a cash loan to be processed.


Visit the International Office during office hours to request a cash loan to be processed.

For additional information regarding Tuition and Emergency Cash Loans, including contact information, please see the Student Accounts Receivable website.