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Venezuelan CADIVI Information

Students who need to exchange Venezuelan Bolivar (VEF) into United Stated Dollars (USD) are required to provide verification to the Venezuelan Government of the cost of tuition at the student’s current university. At The University of Texas at Austin, verification is provided in the form of a letter by International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS).

Read below for additional information regarding this requirement and to learn how to obtain the appropriate CADIVI letter from ISSS to facilitate this process.

What is CADIVI?

CADIVI (Comisión de Administración de Divisas - Commission for the Administration of Currency Exchange) is the Venezuelan government body which administers currency exchange in Venezuela.

More information is available at the CADIVI website.

Who utilizes the CADIVI process?

Students, in valid F or J status, who are currently enrolled at UT Austin and who need to exchange VEF to USD to pay tuition at a favorable exchange rate are eligible to request the necessary paperwork from ISSS.

What is the process to request a CADIVI Letter from ISSS?

To request a CADIVI Letter from ISSS:

  1. Download and complete a CADIVI Letter Request Form
  2. Obtain a copy of the current semester’s FINAL* tuition bill from the Office of the Registrar *
  3. Submit a completed CADIVI Letter Request and copy of final tuition bill to

Based on the provided information, ISSS will issue an official and notarized tuition verification letter. Students will be notified via email when the letter is ready to be picked up.

Note: Processing times for CADIVI letter issuance is two weeks

What Details are Included in a CADIVI Letter?

The CADIVI letter will include:

  • Verification of student's enrollment
  • Verification of current semester tuition and fees
  • Verification of the prior semester’s classes, tuition and fees if applicable

Note: Only expenses that appear on the UT tuition bill can be included in the CADIVI letter

Here is an example of the CADIVI letter format. (PDF)

When can I request a CADIVI Letter?

CADIVI Letters should be requested between the finalization of the current semester’s tuition bill and the 12th class day. Only two letters per semester may be requested.

  • One letter at the beginning of the semester after the tuition bill has been finalized.
  • One letter at the end of the semester that will confirm the student’s academic standing and final tuition. This letter may be requested between the last day of class and the official graduation date of the current semester.


Notary Public

CADIVI letters will be written in English and the ISSS signature will be notarized.

Note:  It is the student’s responsibility to get the ISSS issued CADIVI letter translated into Spanish and notarized as a true and exact translation. UT Austin employs the following public notaries on campus:

  • University Co-op, information desk (walk-in during business hours)
  • ISSS (contact for availability)
  • Student Legal Services (contact for availability)