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UT Austin International Office International Student and Scholar Services


ISSS Support Services Fee

The ISSS Support Services Fee proposal was approved by the UT System in spring 2012. Fees are not taken lightly by the International Office, UT Austin, or UT System administrators. Everyone understands the impact that increased college costs has on students.

The money generated from the ISSS Support Services Fee allows ISSS to provide highly professional and specialized advising services and programs for all international students. These services include but are not limited to: immigration advising on visa status, employment issues and maintenance of status; immigration compliance and reporting as required by the federal government; health insurance compliance; federal tax filing assistance; financial aid advising; counseling and advising on personal concerns; orientation programming; and ongoing educational, cultural, and social programming.

The ISSS Support Services Fee is assessed at a rate of $125 each semester to all non-immigrant* international students enrolled at the University, regardless of credit hours. The fee is mandatory and is billed, at the time of registration, on the student’s tuition bill.

*students exempted from the fee include: [1] students who are permanent residents (permanent residency card required); [2] students in Temporary Protected Status, refugee, and asylee status; and [3] undocumented students. Any student whose status officially changes to one of the exempt classifications is required to submit proof of that change to ISSS and the fee will not be assessed in subsequent semesters.

Health Insurance Fee

International students are required to have health insurance and are automatically billed, through the tuition bill, the cost of the student health insurance policy each semester. Health insurance fees can be found on the health insurance website along with the options for showing proof of alternate coverage.

Health Insurance Administration Fee

The Health Insurance Administration Fee proposal was approved by the UT System in spring 2015.

The money generated from the Health Insurance Administration Fee allows ISSS to cover the expenses the International Office incurs to ensure compliance with the UT System’s insurance requirement for international students. These expenses include but are not limited to: An insurance advisor to assist with enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), compliance oversight, emergency assistance, and advising on SHIP; Technology to support academic departments, monitor insurance coverage, and report enrollment to SHIP provider.

A 5% fee will be added to the cost of the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) premium that is reflected on a student’s tuition bill each semester. The fee is mandatory and is billed, at the time of registration.