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Health Insurance for Exchange Students

All reciprocal exchange students and any accompanying dependents (spouse/children) are required to have health insurance that meets both the U.S. Department of State and The University of Texas at Austin requirements. Enrollment in the UT Student Health Insurance Plan is automatic at the time of registration, and the cost of the insurance plan is included in the student’s tuition and fee bill. In addition to the UT Health Insurance Plan, new students are charged for one month of Pre-Arrival Insurance which is also included in the tuition and fee bill. Health insurance coverage and access to medical care at the University Health Services Center begins approximately one month before classes start.

Students who have a health insurance policy that meets or exceeds UT insurance requirements may be eligible to request a waiver from the UT Student Health Insurance Plan. A waiver form, signed by your insurance provider, is required to be waived from the University plan. Upon approval of the alternate policy, the insurance fees will be removed from the student’s tuition bill.  Please submit all waivers as early as possible.  Insurance changes will remain on your tuition bill until your waiver has been approved. If the waiver has not been processed by the payment deadline you will be responsible for paying the fee. A reimbursement will be issued to you once the waiver (submitted by the 11th class day) is approved.