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Social Security & ITINs

Social Security Numbers (SSN)

A Social Security Number (SSN) is needed to facilitate payment for scholarships and/or employment, and to file U.S. income taxes.  Please refer to the following handout to determine your SSN eligibility and for instructions on how to obtain one:

Social Security Information for F-1, J-1 & H-1B visa holders (PDF)

Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN)

If you do not currently have a Social Security Number (SSN) and are not currently eligible for an SSN (i.e. you do not have employment), you will need to apply for an ITIN in order to facilitate payment for scholarships and/or to file your U.S. Income Taxes. If you are from a country that allows you to claim dependents (Canada, Mexico, South Korea or India) or you are a resident alien for tax purposes and your dependent does not currently have an SSN or is not eligible for an SSN, your dependent will also need to apply for an ITIN in order to be included in your U.S. Income Tax filing.

To Apply for an ITIN via ISSS:

  1. Schedule an appointment to meet with the tax advisor.
  2. Bring the following documents to your appointment
    • Completed Form W-7 (PDF) - please have a typed, completed copy of your Form W-7 available via email or flash drive so that the tax advisor can edit it at the appointment as needed
    • Passport
    • Your most recent U.S. entry Visa
    • I-20 (F-1 students)/DS-2019 (J-1 Students)

Note: If the ITIN application is to claim a dependent, your dependent(s) must be present during the appointment. ITIN applications can only be faciliated for F, J, or M visa holders.