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Students may request a waiver of the student insurance if able to present an alternative insurance policy that meets the basic requirements of the UT Health Insurance Plan. Waiver details, including eligibility criteria, deadlines, and download-able waiver request forms can be found at Insurance Waivers.

Special Considerations:

  • Departments can assist students with the waiver process by reminding students of the deadlines to waive the student insurance fees.
  • Waiver requests will not be accepted after the specified deadlines.
  • Letters of coverage will not be accepted in lieu of a signed waiver request form (as required for certain waiver categories).
  • Letters of coverage and/or department emails will not be accepted in lieu of a student completing the online waiver request process if being assigned as a TA/GRA/AI/other benefit-eligible category.

Note: The International Office has adjusted the audit criteria for benefits-eligible graduate students. As a result, employing departments and graduate coordinators no longer need to send lists of students with delayed appointments. More information about the insurance audit process can be found on the Employment-Based Insurance Audits.