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Hiring an Individual in H-1B Status

For long-term employment (including tenure-track positions) in teaching and research, the H-1B visa status is most commonly used. H-1B status can be extended for up to six years and allows transition to permanent residency for qualified foreign nationals.

The H-1B process involves approval by several governmental agencies and significant processing times. Because the H-1B approval process can take up to six months, it is highly recommended that paperwork to initiate an H-1B petition be submitted seven to eight months in advance of the employment start date.

Understanding the H-1B Process

UT Policy for Hiring Foreign Nationals (PDF)
H-1B Overview & Legal Implications (PDF)
H-1B Process Timeline (PDF)
Steps for Initiating an H-1B Petition (PDF)
Extension of the H-1B
ISSS Faculty & Scholar Services Fee

Documents required to initiate an H-1B petition (including amendments, transfers and extensions)

H-1B Initiation Worksheet (PDF)
Export Control Certification (PDF)
H-1B Department Letter of Support Template (DOC)
H-1B Packet for the Employee (PDF)