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UT ESL Servicesio

English Language Program

If you need to expand your English for communication, study, or pleasure, ELP is designed for you. ELP students include undergraduates, visiting scholars, business people, and family members of UT faculty and students. ELP students can choose intensive or part-time study, depending on their visa status. We offer 7 levels of instruction, from beginning to advanced. Classes have an average of 11 to 12 students.

Intensive Study

Intensive study in the ELP Program includes the four core courses shown below. Classes meet 5 days a week for a total of 18 hours weekly. There will be daily homework.

Part-time Study

You may register for any of the core courses or elective courses to suit your language needs or your schedule. Core courses meet 4.5 hours a week and will have daily homework. Elective courses meet 4 hours a week.

Core ELP Courses

Writing (MWF 9-10:30AM) - Express yourself more effectively in academic and non-academic writing, with work on content, accuracy, and organization.

Grammar and Idioms (MWF 11-12:30)- Increase your accuracy in spoken and written contexts, and learn idiomatic expressions common in U.S. English.

Listening and Speaking (MWF 2-3:30) - Communicate more comfortably and increase your understanding in a variety of settings, from informal conversations to formal presentations.

Reading and Discussion (TTH 1-3:15) - Improve your comprehension of fiction and non-fiction, and develop your vocabulary, discussion skills, and reading speed.

Test Preparation Electives

Our TOEFL, IELTS, and GRE test preparation courses focus on both content and test-taking strategies. We also offer a Pronunciation class that will help you speak more clearly, focusing on individual sounds as well as word-level and sentence-level patterns. There is a language proficiency prerequisite for most elective courses. (TTH 10-11:50AM)

Admission Requirements

Graduation from at least high school in your country. We recommend that you know at least some English vocabulary before enrolling.