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Intern in Barcelona, Spain

A custom internship in the heart of one of Western Europe's cultural and business hubs! The internship program in Barcelona offers a relevant, career-oriented experience while providing an opportunity to enjoy the best of Europe: cultural immersion, proximity to a coastline of white sand beaches, and an exciting cosmopolitan city that never sleeps.

So why live and work in Barcelona?  Barcelona is a dynamic city set against a backdrop of Gothic architecture and the Mediterranean. Ever since the Renaissance, Barcelona has been the center of Spanish business activity.  It was through this exciting port city that the Industrial Revolution was introduced to Spain.  Since that time, the entrepreneurial spirit has burned brightly in Barcelona.  Today, the city’s economy is one of the most diverse in Europe, with business sectors ranging from heavy manufacturing and high tech computer services to financial and banking services.  Barcelona also has been consistently ranked #1 in the European Cities Monitor’s “Best European Cities in Terms of Quality of Life for their Workers,” and has maintained a #3 ranking in the “World’s Happiest Cities” poll.

Program Dates

  • 6-week program: May 21 to July 4
  • 9-week program: May 21 to July 4