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Internship Placement



The International Office has partnered with CISabroad in Barcelona and CRCC Asia in Shanghai and Shenzhen to administer the BE Global Internship Program. These two providers will work with the International Office to coordinate the internship placements and the in-country support services. The internships are unpaid and will have an English-speaking supervisor unless the student prefers the internship to be in the local language.

Internship Placement Process

After a student has been accepted into the program, CISabroad or CRCC Asia will start the placement process by interviewing the student individually via Skype or telephone to discuss his or her interests, skills, and career objectives. The interview will include discussions about placement opportunities, language skills, (if placement is not in English), and expectations and availability of internships. After the interview, if the student decides to pursue the internship placement, a $500 non-refundable deposit will be required.

CISabroad and CRCC Asia have worked with hundreds of companies in many sectors including business and engineering.  Students are placed in both small to large local organizations and multi-national companies. Refer to samples of past internship placements from for general descriptions. Please note these are samples and the specifics of your internship placement will be available after the interview.