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Study Abroad Vision


Study abroad changes lives, and the work of Study Abroad at the University of Texas is guided by our commitment to promoting access to study abroad opportunities for our diverse population of students.

Our mission is to provide outreach, service, and support to students considering or committed to studying abroad. We accomplish this by partnering with faculty and staff to facilitate participation through integration into the curriculum, and by continuously seeking ways to improve our own practices to better serve students and the University.  Our vision is that all UT students who are interested in and eligible to study abroad will have the opportunity to do so.

Initiatives in Support of our Mission

The mission and vision of the office determine our priorities and how we invest our efforts. Strategies to fulfill our mission are centered on our commitment to remove or reduce the financial and academic barriers to study abroad participation and to remove the disparities in study abroad participation among underrepresented groups.


Remove/reduce the financial barriers to study abroad participation


The Coca-Cola Foundation China Scholarship provides $2,000 to first-generation UT students with financial need. In support of President Obama’s “100,000 Strong Initiative” to send 100,000 American students to study in mainland China over the next four years, this funding is automatically awarded to First Abroad and Hutchison International Scholars who choose to study abroad in China. Also in support of the “100,000 Strong Initiative,” Study Abroad is developing and funding a faculty-led Maymester trip to China reserved for first-generation students with financial need.


The Hutchison International Scholars program provides academically outstanding, first-generation college freshman with a $4,000 stipend to help offset the cost of study abroad during their undergraduate career. Scholars are selected upon admission to the University and are notified the spring before their first semester, allowing ample time to plan a carefully crafted study abroad experience.


This scholarship provides first-generation students who have earned less than 60 hours at UT Austin with $3,000 for a study abroad program. Recipients have up to two academic years to select a program and participate, ensuring sufficient time to plan their study abroad experience.

Remove/reduce the academic barriers to study abroad participation


My Credit Abroad is a new searchable course database with pre-approved courses to facilitate degree planning. This ever-growing system currently matches over 7,000 foreign courses to UT equivalents helping students to ensure they can obtain core, major, or elective credits abroad and remain on track without delaying graduation.


Curriculum Integration is a collaborative process between Study Abroad and UT departments and centers to identify programs abroad that best serve student needs and complement the academic goals of each unit. Producing and publishing departmental curriculum integration brochures educates students on how/when/where to plan for study abroad as part of their degree plan.


Reduce the disparities in study abroad participation


In partnership with the International Office, Study Abroad is hosting symposium for educators to facilitate the collaboration of multiple stakeholders in international education. Speakers will present on cutting-edge study abroad research, diversity in participation abroad, academic access, and access to international education for underrepresented groups, such as first-generation students and males. The casual evening reception will feature a Bowl-A-Thon to raise funding for a scholarship for a Central Texas student.


Peer advisors are UT Austin students trained to help their peers explore the range of available study abroad opportunities for programs that best fit their academic, professional, and personal goals. Representing diverse backgrounds, experiences, and academic majors found within the UT student body, peer advisors serve as role models that draw upon their own study abroad experiences for peer-to peer mentoring. Peer advisors are available during walk-in hours at Study Abroad or via chat, email, and Facebook throughout the academic year.