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UT Austin International Office Study Abroad

Returning Students


Congratulations! We hope you are wrapping up or have just finished an amazing experience. You'll likely continue to think about your time abroad as you make your transition back into UT life — and life beyond. The points below will guide you through your return to campus.

Readjusting to Being Home

Program Evaluation and Credit Processing

  • Fill out a program evaluation. We need your feedback! You must complete the evaluation to get your abroad credit posted.
  • Getting credit and transferring grades:
    • Review the Explanation of Credit Processing.
    • Bring back your course syllabus and/or course description for each course you took.
    • Watch for messages with instructions from your program coordinator.

Study Abroad: Your Future

Your experience has helped you develop skills that potential employers are looking for.  Learn how to articulate and leverage your study abroad experience on your cover letter, resume, and during an interview.

Stay Involved Internationally

Stay connected to your experience and help others get the most out of theirs!  Below are some opportunities to meet international students, other students who have studied abroad and students interested in going.

Serve as an Alumni Contact
Want an audience who will appreciate every story and photo? Speak with your program coordinator, provide your contact details on your evaluation form, attend preparatory events for newly accepted study abroad students.

Planet Longhorn

Planet Longhorn is a social organization run by students to provide support and hold social events for incoming international students.

BSA welcomes incoming BBA exchange students to Austin and provides support for prospective BBA study abroad participants.

PALS is an organization that brings together international and UT students for culture exchange and for conversation in English.

More Opportunities

  • Our BBA colleagues compiled this list of links for students who want to work/intern abroad.
  • This packet was developed by colleagues in Central Texas to provide students with resources to assist them with re-entry, financing further study/research abroad, interning and working abroad and more.

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