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UT Austin International Office Study Abroad

Get Started

You are a unique student. Your background, dreams and goals are yours alone. With hundreds of programs to choose from, finding the right program will take some planning. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1. Investigate programs

UT-Austin offers hundreds of programs abroad. Here are some resources to help you choose the program that best meets your goals.

Step 2. Meet with a study abroad program coordinator

After setting goals and researching your options, you’ll have a better idea of what program and/or location is best for you. Now is a great time to make an appointment with a study abroad program coordinator. The best coordinator for you may be in Study Abroad, or in your college or department.

Form most Maymester Abroad and summer faculty-led programs, students can skip step two. See the Maymester Abroad application instructions or summer faculty-led application instructions for how to access the faculty-led application.

Step 3. Apply

How to Apply

Application Deadlines:

  • February 15 - all summer programs
  • March 1 - fall or academic year programs
  • October 1 - all spring semester programs
  • November 1 - all Maymester Abroad programs
  • December 1 -deadline for all summer faculty-led programs organized by Study Abroad

Programs administered by other offices may have different deadlines.